The Secure Summit is broken into three days with two experiences and is hosted in the second smallest state, Delaware. At the core, The Secure Summit is for Christian future or current entrepreneurs and their teams. Our focus is to help equip leaders in the marketplace to walk in boldness and passion for their calling and the people God has purposed for them to impact. During the day, entrepreneurs participate in a private intensive business experience where they sit with top level business coaches and experts to push them further into new levels of success and revenue. During the night, The Secure Summit hosts, free for the public and all attendees, Worship + Word services that are power-packed with faith teachings sure to transform your life.

This year, the overall theme for 2019 is: Divine Streams

The Prophetic Declaration for this year: “The flood of overflow is here. Stand still and let God pour down on you like rain. Where you are headed is not going to come by your own thinking. Divine Holy Spirit led ideas and concepts are going to flood you but you must be still to receive. We are going to be vehicles of the flood. It will pour onto us for us to then use our anointed hands to guide it into our communities, blood line, churches, and more. For the entrepreneurs – you’ve been running and trying to hide from you being the vehicle. Through your mind. Through your mouth. Through your hands. It’s coming.” 

Who is this Summit for?

This Summit is for Christians who desire to make an impact in the marketplace as a future or current business owner and entrepreneur. 

The Business Intensive (Mornings & Afternoons) is for the following individuals:

  • For experts who desire to take their years of knowledge and experience and package it into an entire business model of passive income products and consulting along with speaking
  • For individuals who are tired of encouragement based business events and conferences and are in desperate need of a real plan to take their knowledge and convert it into income generating strategies
  • For experts who desire to build a platform that includes an online platform so they can not just generate income with clients nearby but also with clients and customers worldwide
  • For experts who are ready to invest and see their investment manifest during those three days
  • For experts who desire to expand their income to include online courses, online programs + trainings, curriculum, and more!
VIP Business Intensive Schedule (Days)

VIP Student – 5 Seats (Total Week Investment $799) 

The VIP Student Experience includes Thursday VIP Private Group Coaching plus Friday and Saturday’s Business Intensives.

  • Thursday Morning Dive (9-11 AM): You will spend two hours with Genesis and four other students to map out your knowledge based business model. In the morning dive-in, we will map out your focus, your mission, branding, and your audience.
  • Thursday Morning Summary & Wrap Up (11-11:30 AM)
  • Noon Mentor Lunch with VIP Students: Includes a lunch with VIP Students and Genesis Dorsey
  • Thursday Afternoon Dive (1:30-3:30 PM): In the second half of the day, we will be then map out your core offerings and pricing structure along with projections of your first year revenue. We will also map out your first set of passive income products.
  • Thursday Afternoon Summary & Wrap Up (3:30 – 4 PM)
Business Student Intensive Schedule (Days)

“Business Student – 6 Seats

The Business Student Experience includes Friday and Saturday’s Business Intensives. Your first day of classes will begin Friday Morning.

Friday Schedule

  • Friday Morning Class (9-10 AM): Building Your Platform Section 1: The Framework
  • Friday Morning Class (10:15-11:30 AM): Building Your Platform Section 2: The Tribe
  • Break for Lunch (Lunch is not included with Registration) (11:40 – 12:55 PM)
  • Friday Afternoon Dive (1:00-2:00 PM): Building Your Platform Section 3: The Products
  • Friday Afternoon Class (2:15-3:30 PM): Building Your Platform Section  4: Consulting & Speaking
  • Friday Afternoon Class (3:40 – 4:40 PM): Business Innovation & Growth with Guest Expert
  • Friday Afternoon Summary & Wrap Up (4:45 – 5:30 PM) – Q&A with Experts and Masterminding

Saturday Schedule

  • Saturday Morning Class (9-11:45 am): Product Development & Crafting Content for Your Book & Written Products
  • Break for Lunch (Lunch is not included with Registration) (11:50 – 12:45 PM)
  • Saturday Afternoon Dive (1:00-3:30 PM): Afternoon Mastermind & Deep Dive
  • Saturday Afternoon Summary & Wrap Up (3:35 – 4:30 PM) – Q&A with Experts and Masterminding
Worship & Word Schedule (Thursday Night)

The Worship + Word Experience is open to the public and free. When you register for an Access Pass (Physical or Online Stream), you’ll be able to receive the audio recordings of all three services for FREE as a gift!

  • Thursday – Worship & Testimony Night
    • Doors open at 7 (Event begins at 7:30 PM)
    • Led by Nicole McNeil & The Secure Summit Worship Team
    • Free flowing worship
    • Open Altar for worship and prayer
    • Intercessory Prayer and Testimonies will be shared during the night