Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way -Edward de Bono

We’re back with another topic for and it’s creativity. When I first opened up GigiCreates, I immediately knew what would be the foundation. It was Genesis 1:1. The beginning of the Bible shows us the power of creativity when combined with the power of God. It literally changes the reality of what we see around us. Creativity is not just powerful. It is life changing and life giving. It has the ability to turn cities into thriving areas for families. It has the power to take a man like Walt Disney who had a passion for creating animations and turn that passion into an entire world of Disney products, theme parks, and television channels. Those of us who desire to lead long term must first tap into our creativity. I’ve heard the saying that if you’re not creative, find someone who is. However, many of us attach creativity to being able to draw past stick figures or being able to doing something related to the arts or music arena. However, creativity is greater than pens and paint. Creativity is the ability to break the mold in whatever area you seek to dominate. Creativity has many levels and functions and we must be sure to treasure those “breaking points”. A breaking point in creativity is when the norm is broken and fresh passion is released.

For instance, a breaking point came in my career when I realized my ability to create monthly content for the members of Girls of Royalty back in 2013. I began to see that we could combine them with matching bible studies streamed through Google Hangout. At the time, I didn’t see that many people in the spiritual world taking advantage of Google Hangout for bible studies and communication for members. We were able to really change the idea of doing online ministry and how we could connect to people. Break the mold. Learn that creative leaders make the best leaders. Why? We’re always focused on maximizing the NOW and staying ahead of the crowd for the FUTURE.

As a leader, I’m thinking of ways right now that we can increase the visibility of the amazing work that the 4A team is doing for God. We’ve collaborated with amazing leaders in the spiritual & educational industry to help enforce our brand values. We’re working on our Men of Royalty’s features and bringing in men who we know are doing amazing things for the Kingdom. I’m working on an online university within our ministry to help develop our members and the public to work on natural things such as finances, relationships, career development, and more! On a larger scale, we’re looking to change how we do online ministry through our mentor programs and our newly introduced children’s program. If something isn’t working, get up & change it!

It’s more than just doing though. It’s looking at these types of questions:

  1. How can we present this in a different light than the norm that was done before?
  2. Does this break the mold from what everyone else is doing?
  3. Have we created our own lane or still riding behind others?
  4. What makes this say “US”?
  5. Which team members have the skills to maximize this opportunity?
  6. How can our team come up with a creative yet effective strategy to make this plan work?
  7. How can we tap into a part of our demographic that we’ve struggled to connect with?
  8. How can we stretch ourselves when it comes to promotion, presentation, and engagement?
  9. Is this a short or long term project? If long, what short term goals can we include within the project to keep the momentum going?
  10. How can we create a culture of creativity within our team? Where are we stifling and suffocating creativity? How can we change that?

Asking these kinds of questions will help unlock creativity within your team. Have brainstorm sessions. Have team development sessions. If your team isn’t getting better at their skills, your brainstorm sessions will be a waste. Passion boosts creativity which means that development is essential. Be passionate about what God has called you to do and go HARD!

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