Proverbs 17:22  ESV: “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Abundance does not start when God brings something good into my life. It is about the overflow of God in every area of our lives. Now here is the powerful key I want you to embrace. Abundance begins as a mindset of looking for what you currently have instead of focusing on what you lack. This is where many people miss out on the blessing of living. They are more consumed by the negativity and the lack of what they do not have. Whenever we saw Jesus operating in the earth, we never saw Him focus on what wasn’t there. Even when we saw miracles done in the Old Testament, where did God ever focus on what wasn’t there?

You have to learn how to treasure what God is doing in your life instead of what isn’t happening. There is so much strife, sadness, death, and more happening in our lives. What will we chose to focus on? Life or death? Abundance of what God has given us or lack? Many people are not having joy in their lives because they refuse to have joy in what God has already blessed them with. We have taken for granted LIFE and have used comparison and focus on our lack as a reason to not rejoice in the grace, love, and joy of God! We need to treasure our NOW!

  • How do I see my current season as a blessing?
  • How am I treasuring my NOW moments?

Confession/Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for my NOW. I thank You for embracing the current season I am in. I thank You that I see the beauty in my purpose that You’ve placed me in NOW. I thank You for everything that I have. I will not focus on what I do not have. I will instead embrace the abundance in my life. God, I thank You for keeping me and covering me. I thank You for Your love that in what I should have deserved Your love covered me. Even in what I have, I do not deserve even where I am without You. You are the giver of the good in my life and I am thankful for this. Amen.

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