Day Speaker (Thursday – Friday)

Night Speaker (Friday & Saturday)

Genesis Dorsey, Host & Speaker

Genesis Dorsey is a business coach and consultant that helps entrepreneurs and ministry leaders build their tribes for ultimate conversion so that they can scale their dreams. She is a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses including being apart of a family legacy of business owners. In October 2012, she created Girls of Royalty, a Christian Ministry-Based Network for women of all ages and races. Through Girls of Royalty, Genesis began to mold and develop her strategies into helping others walk by faith. Before streaming was popular, Genesis started live streaming bible studies in her home prompted by a leading of the Holy Spirit. She then began to create downloadable study guides for women matched with powerful teachings every month. Girls of Royalty began with a few members and now has over 10,000 women within its network with ages ranging from 18 to 65. Genesis Dorsey has coached over 1,200 Entrepreneurs and ministry leaders to success that include countless testimonials and a legacy now of families that have built a succession line within entrepreneurship. She continues to serve the family business as the Admissions & Marketing Director. Genesis has worked with top conference & event leaders, businesses, corporations, pastors, and leaders from all over the world. She is also a passionate faith-based teacher of God’s Word. Genesis is the author & creator of several books and products that cater to helping people become the best God has made them to be. She currently resides in Delaware. She is the daughter of Pastor & First Lady Dorsey and serves faithfully there as a ministry and marketing leader at Revival Fellowship Church in New Castle,DE.