If you’ve joined in with me for my #LoveYourBrand Challenge then you know that this month I’m focusing on the power of loving who God has made you to be. When you love yourself, your ministry and/or your business will greatly improve. This month I talked to the owner and creator of Vision Words, a small business that creates affirmation based sticky notes you can put anywhere in your environment. Martha Banks-Hall created this amazing business and I wanted her to share with you all her answers to my questions that I had for her.

Genesis: What does the word “Affirmation” mean to you?

Martha: To me the word affirmation means a statement that declares truth into my life. Stating a fact or belief; asserting it strongly. Affirmations are tools that we can use to significantly change every area of our life. If you stated a positive affirmation such as “I can Achieve Greatness” outloud every day for 30 days imagine how your mindset would change!

Genesis: During one of our conversations, you spoke on being “intentional” and “intentional living”. Can you go deeper into what that means and how people can apply this mindset to their lives? 

Martha: Intentional living is something that many of us need to focus on in order to overcome obstacles that we find ourselves complaining about. For example if you wake up with the intention that it is going to be great day and hold on to that intention; then no matter what happens during that day, you are able to look at it with the eyes of positivity. This changes how you react and in turn can change the outcome of the situations you encounter.

What is your intention for your life? Are you just living day by day, letting life happen to you or are you being intentional in your thoughts and plans and actions? Do you set goals and plans, do you intend to be in ‘different place’ next year than you’re in today? Not because you need something better but because you want to grow as an individual.

The intention with which you live determines the outcome of your life. Thinking about things before you do them what is the real reason why you do things; your thoughts and actions.

It’s just like the famous saying goes: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Set plans, set goals and even if you don’t reach them right away they steer you into the direction of the result you are seeking. This is much better than just waking around aimlessly in life. You’ll be surprised of the outcomes in your life when you live intentionally, on purpose, with a desired goal and target. 

Genesis: Why do you think people don’t go after their dreams? How do affirmations and speaking life change that? 

Martha: There are a few reasons why people don’t go after their dreams: fear, doubt, pre-conceived mindset (such as what your parents taught you “that will never work”, “that doesn’t happen to people like us”) as well as procrastination, laziness, complacency.

Using affirmations help to change your mindset and whatever negative beliefs you’ve had. Using affirmations empowers you with the words that will sink into your spirit and grow and bear fruit. Words have a way of sticking with you! Those words as you believe them and speak them to yourself will give you the power to change your mindset to positive thoughts and beliefs.


Genesis: When you think of combatting negativity that keeps you from going after your dreams and you think about the words that you speak in your mind to yourself and about yourself think on this…

Martha: In Ephesians when Paul tells us to put on the full armour of God…  The only Offensive piece of Armour is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. THE WORD!! Words are what we are to use to attack the enemy, the doubt, the fear, the laziness. Your words are soo important and powerful!

Genesis: What advice would you give those trying to start a business or go after their dreams?

Martha: I just heard Denzel Washington say something last week that I have been putting into practice since I first had the idea for Vision Words last year: 

“Without commitment, you’ll never start but more importantly without consistency you’ll never finish!”

If you have a dream and an idea for a business that is great! What is even better is actually executing on the idea and dream to bring it to fruition. GO FOR IT! In this day and age we have all the resources and information we could possibly need. With just Google and YouTube alone you are equipped to build an Empire! Work at it, make it a reality and don’t let anything discourage you! So many times we think we need to have things perfect before we put our product / business out into the public. One of my favorite sayings has been Progress Over Perfection!  Having something done that you can make better later is better than having nothing at all! (Obviously always strive for Excellence but you understand my meaning). Move confidently towards your dream and work at it each and every day consistently and you are sure to see results and success!

Purchase Your Own Pack of Vision Words: https://visionwords.co/

About Vision Words:

Vision Words creates products that inspire, empower and motivate people to achieve thier goals and dreams in life. Our first line of products are Sticky Notes with Visual Affirmations on them in 8 categories; Be Happy, Believe in Yourself, Fitness, Gratitude, Love, Scriptures of Faith,Scriptures of Encouragement and Success. We believe in the Power of Words and the Power of Positivity. Our hope is that if you are surrounded by Visual Affirmations throughout your day; that can have a positive impact on your day, your week, your month, your year and your life.

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