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God has placed a creative ability within you. However, many creatives struggle to allow God to use them fully. In this teaching, Genesis tackles the struggles many creatives face and how to tackle them. God wants you to flow and not force whats inside of you!

When someone enters a Witness Protection Program, they have to change many things about who they are. You have to do the same when it comes to your spiritual identity and natural walk in purpose!

God wants you to live a life of abundance which means choosing life!

Are you still caught up on what people think about you? It's time to get focused when it comes to your purpose! In this talk, Genesis shares how you can truly Level Up and live the life God has called you to live.

It's time to walk in your greatness! Learn how to unlock your greatness and walk into your best life yet!

Learn how to cut some things off so you can move on!

Struggling with how God is going to make a way in your life? This teaching by Genesis Dorsey is all about understanding divine provision in your life.

On the road to greatness, who you're connected to matters. In this Facebook Live Talk, Genesis dives into the layers of friendship based on the life of David. 

Do you struggle with starting and stopping? Do you have a hard time making that big leap? This teaching is for you! Learn how to stop choking and fulfill your calling.

You deserve to live a life on fire! In this teaching, learn how to get your fire back and keep it!

Genesis Dorsey shares 5 important lessons we can learn from Moses after he ran away from Egypt. Sometimes it's when we run away that we find our destiny!


Still waiting to get started? Faith is now!

Many times our pride prevents us from truly going after what we know we desire. It's time to leave what you do not want to go and get what you know is waiting for you all along.

The ball is in your court. What are you going to do?