S.T.E.P. Heavy Teaching Notes

We’re walking out to walk into another dimension of what God has for us. 

S – Submission

T – Timing

E – Education

P – Power

Every S.T.E.P. is a decision to choose LIFE over DEATH

  • Submission
    •  I have to first submit to the will of God continually. Our flesh can keep us from a continual position of submission. If we are not careful, three things can invade us from submission:
      • Comparison – Instead of focusing on your path, you compare purpose. If comparison stays it grows into coveting.
        • Ephesians 2:10
      • Coveting – Wanting what someone else has so changing my plan to produce what someone else is producing.
        • Colossians 3:5
      • Lack of Consecration – when you compare and then covet, you lose sight of your calling. This is all the product of lack of consecration. Consecration is setting yourself apart for the use of the Lord. It is the sanctification that allows your life to be set on the altar unto the Lord. 
        • Romans 12:1-2 
  • Timing
    • I have to understand that there is a difference between time and timing. We live in a God-made world where time was put into place for us to see the difference between day and night. However, timing is where the believer walks and works according to the orchestration of God according to divine steps. 
    • Time says I should be here by a certain point in my life and by a certain date.
    • Timing says God says that it’s not based on my age or a clock but by God’s hands placing me at the right place and position according to His will.
      • People, Places, and Things are used by God to pull things together for our good
        • Example: Joseph (the timing of God to position him to save Egypt)
          • The divine timing even in the worst spaces of his life that even when he thought that the people he met in prison forgot about him, the King would receive dreams that only Joseph could interpret. 
          • Genesis 50:20 – You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.
  • Education
    • I have to understand that because I live on the earth, that my purpose and assignment in the earth requires both spiritual and natural knowledge AND understanding.
      • Knowledge: Obtaining information regarding a subject matter
      • Understanding: Comprehension AND Application of the Knowledge
        • I may know something but my understanding brings me fulfillment of that knowledge
        • There are many knowledgeable people who are ignorant because they lack understanding.
    • When you decide to make a step forward, you have to take ownership of the responsibility of your calling. You can not lack knowledge or understanding as God calls you to do more within your purpose.
    • God commands us to be good stewards of our gifts and lack of information and the application thereof will prevent expansion.
      • Proverbs 4:7 – Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
  • Power
    • I have to understand that I have been given natural and spiritual authority in the earth through unleashing Godly confidence in my abilities in this earth and in the spiritual realm.
      • Your step carries weight because you are more than a woman. You are a spirit. Your flesh does not direct the step. Your spirit does. The inner being within you activated by The Holy Spirit. When you step, everything within you is taking a step. This is why the WEIGHT of your moves feels as if everything within you is moving forward. The pressure. The fight. The pressing. Everything being birthed and everything even down to the legacy of your life is moving forward.
      • When you submit, understanding and embrace the timing of God, educate yourself as you move forward, and unleash the power within you, you will STEP like you’ve never STEPPED BEFORE!
        • Psalm 103:1 – Of David. Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
        • Power is birthed through relationship (3 P’s): prayer, praise, and positioning. 
          • Prayer provides connection to His presence. This is the foundation of the relationship. To hear His voice and to speak with Him.
          • Praise allows the joy of the Lord to be ushered in. Many have stopped having JOY which is a gift from Heaven. This allows me to keep a mind focused on Him.
          • Positioning is when I am focused on purpose and being active in what He has me doing at this very moment. Embracing the position He has for me. 
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