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Are you ready to level up your business this summer? Are you ready to get focused on making real money no matter your foundation? It’s time for Summer 2019 Business Bootcamps. Keep on reading to get started.

All seats are first come, first serve. Remember that all you need is a $75 deposit to secure your seat. ALL BOOTCAMPS ARE ONLINE BASED AND VIRTUAL. All bootcamp sessions will be recorded and placed online for you to access and watch with lifetime access.

To secure your seat for Bootcamps, a $75 Deposit is required or you can pay in full.

The registration system that we will be using will allow you to pay on your balance as a registrant.

Every bootcamp is four weeks. By the end of the bootcamp, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Bootcamps will be as follows:

    • May: 4-Week Bootcamp on launching your t-shirt business ($197)
      • Description: In this 4-Week Bootcamp, we’re not going to tackle making t-shirts. We’re going to tackle the t-shirt business from the business perspective and how to start making real coins and turn it into a profitable investment. People do t-shirt classes all the time but making a product is the easy part. Selling it is not. We’re going to tackle all the things people don’t tell you like how after you spend all this money launching it, how do you make it back? We’re going to go from what makes an actual t-shirt brand (because many brands are not brands) to how to scale it and what scaling it looks like. This class is for those who are serious about starting a t-shirt brand and not running it as a side hustle. It takes a lot of work. If you’re ready or if you’ve been struggling, this class is for you.
        • Week 1: Creating a T-Shirt Brand
        • Week 2: Your Online Store & the 7 Most Important Factors of an Online Store
        • Week 3: Harnessing the power of viral t-shirts, influencers, and Social Media
        • Week 4: In-Person Selling (Vending), Creating Collections and Keeping your Brand Fun and Alive
      • Every Tuesday in May (May 7, 14, 21, 28) at 7 PM Eastern Time
    • June: 4-Week Bootcamp on building a Six-Figure Design Business ($297)
      • Description: After launching my first design business, I hit an easy six figures and I thought I was the norm. Turns out, along the way, many designers were struggling to make ends meet including running a profitable business. So that’s why I’m launching this boot camp for all graphic and web designers. In this class, I’m going to show you how to turn your work into a six-figure minimum business. Our goal is $10K per month minimum without the large stress load of tons of clients that you need to service every month. We’re going to discuss how to expand your services without exhausting yourself physically. These sessions are one hour each week and include Q&A so that you have me as your personal coach and advisor in building your business.
        • Week 1: Establishing Your Niche in Graphic/Web Design
        • Week 2: How to bring in $1K-$5K+ clients consistently every month
        • Week 3: How to Build yourself as an expert and expand your impact
        • Week 4: How to begin scaling your design company to take on more clients
      • Every Monday in June (June 3, 10, 17, 24) at 7 PM Eastern Time
    • July: 4-Week Bootcamp on Creating Your Own Journal/Planner ($397)
      • Description: This is my #1 and most requested class/bootcamp period. After doing a video on YouTube that now has over 25,000 views with over 300 comments and counting, I’m ready to teach a four-week boot camp so that by the end of the boot camp you have a blueprint for your journal/planner business.
        • Week 1: Forming a planner/journal business idea
        • Week 2: Creating your planner/journal from scratch without designing it yourself (no DIY)
        • Week 3: Marketing your Planner/Journal with a 90 Day Marketing Strategy that you can re-use every quarter.
        • Week 4: Building your online Planner/Journal store and how to continuously bring traffic and create a real brand.
      • July 8, 15, 22, and 29th (Mondays) at 7 PM Eastern Time
    • August: 4-Week Bootcamp Creating Your Own Online Ministry Platform & Community ($297)
      • Description: When I launched my online ministry Girls of Royalty, I learned so much in such a short period of time that no one is talking about in today’s online world. Everyone is giving encouragement but people need a blueprint of what you need to gather people and to create a successful online ministry that is organized, flowing, and creative.
        • Week 1: Establishing your niche within online ministry
        • Week 2: Creating your community via online (email and social media)
        • Week 3: Creating impactful content and financial stability to take care of the ministry (non-profit or for profit)
        • Week 4: Expanding your online reach and scaling the platform
      • Every Monday in August (August 5, 12, 19, 26) at 7 PM Eastern Time

Remember: All bootcamps are virtual based via Zoom Video Conferencing. Remember that if you can’t make the dates, you will receive all replays in my online course platform for you to watch for lifetime access.

Are you ready for boot camps?