Hey guys! My goal is to upload and provide as much content as I can per week. With blog posts going out twice a week, I wanted to mix it up with some videos. I received a question from a friend who wanted to learn more about starting a mug and journal business. This video includes what I learned when I started my own business. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, be sure to do that today!


Sites Mentioned

Purchase Mugs & Journals in Bulk
(Look at total pricing, some companies charge for setup fees, ect.)
1. Discount Mugs: (Mugs)
Discount Mugs (Journals)

2. (Mugs)

Purchase Mugs in Small Amounts
1. York Photo:

Dropshipping + Print on Demand (Print & Ship)
1. Printful:
2. Print Aura:
3. Spreadshirt: (Pays you according to their payment system. You do not receive your money immediately)

Self-publishing Your Journal
1. Blurb: