Run 7 Day Study

Run 7 Day Study


When I became an entrepreneur there weren’t any books and devotionals that laid out the the basic principals of faith and spiritual authority for my business. I needed something laid out like a workbook. This study has been adapted to fit a 7 day layout.

  • Immediate Download
  • Includes pages for notes and thoughts

Day 1: The Purpose of God & Entrepreneurship

Day 2: The Enemy’s #1 Weapon: Part 1

Day 3: The Enemy’s #1 Weapon: Part 2

Day 4: Made to Dominate: Part 1: The Identity

Day 5: Study Day: Identity Study

Day 6: Made to Dominate: Part 2: The Imagination & The Mind

Day 7: Made to Dominate: Part 3: The Mouth & The Holy Spirit

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