This year’s business topic: Building Knowledge-Based Platforms

We live in a world where knowledge is being consumed in so many diverse ways that are no longer bound to a classroom or a university. People are learning from one another in order to achieve their goals. They are learning from experts. These are experts who have achieved high levels of success and accomplishment and now desire to teach others how to do the same. You can make more than a living teaching others. You can create an entire lifestyle of impact by building a platform centered around your knowledge.

This is a summit like none other. This is not your average experience where you enter into a room with a notepad and a pen and jot down a few golden nuggets and then board a plane or get back in the car and drive home. How many times have you experienced spending hundreds in travel and taking time off of work or your office to invest your time into only at the end getting something that you could have read on a motivational blog? Experts of your caliber need a game plan in order to win. You need an execution plan that is built and revised while you’re at the summit. This summit was built for you to see your investment manifest right in front of you.