Before you read about the challenge…

I want to first talk to you like I am writing a letter. I want you to read this with all sincerity of heart and an open mind to new possibilities. This is the season of planting and reaping like never before. The harvest is open for many but low self-esteem and doubt plague the minds of too many creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators. We have the belief to create but fear to truly collect what is ours. Being a great salesperson is a personal matter. You sell at the level of your self-esteem. Point blank. It’s time to level up how you sell what it is that you do. Whether it’s a product or a service, it should not collect dust. It should be in everyone’s hands, hearts, minds, and more.

So how do we do this? How do we create contagious products and services that people want? I think that we already have what we need to sell. The issue is how we communicate it to the world. Your sales game matters. People are walking around with the money in their hands to give it to you. However, until you have the strategy, you will struggle. This challenge is more than a challenge. It’s a survival mechanism. If you truly believe in what you have to give to the world, this is not something that is optional. This challenge is almost mandatory because it will force you to tell the world what you have. How can you grow a business that only a corner of the world knows about? It’s time to learn how to expand your voice and your reach. Read more below in order to join what I’ve created to help you increase your bank account and change your life.

I am honored that you are joining the challenge. Don’t forget that I’ve opened up 30 spots for my Private Bootcamp happening during the challenge. You can learn about both below.


Genesis Dorsey

Your Favorite Platform & Sales Coach

Stack It Up Sales Bootcamp


You have a product or service! Wow. How exciting. Now it’s time to sell it and grow your business. But wait. No one is hurrying to buy what it is that you have to sell. That is a problem. If only there was a way to transform your bank account. Well, there is now! The Stack it Up Sales Boot camp!

So are you ready to educate yourself on sales so you can stack up more money from closing more deals? Let’s put it like this. Are you ready to learn how to get more money into your hands? Scroll down to learn more and sign-up!

Level - Beginner

Perfect for those who are new in sales strategies and lead generation.



Private Select Sales Bootcamp (Still Open)


Looking for the next level in sales training? Need to really level up your sales game and bring more money into your business? Tired of doing the same things and getting the same results? This private sales boot camp is a four-week training with Genesis Dorsey that will transform how you sell. Here’s what we will cover:

  • Understand the purpose of why you sell what you sell
  • Understand the art of communication as a salesperson
  • Clearly communicate your offerings
  • Learn how to respond to “no”
  • Diversify how you sell to different needs, wants, and problems
  • Master your channels of sales
  • Create a contagious feeling that will get people to buy
  • Master in-person sales and sales calls
  • Maximize technology platforms that will help you generate more sales
  • Learn how you brand your voice and blossom into a master salesman

You will meet virtually with other students every Sunday for 1.5 hours including Q&A afterward to make sure you’re getting expert advice within a small intimate group of other hungry individuals. You’ll also receive a free copy of “The S Word” on November 23rd. Not just that but you’ll also receive weekly homework assignments after each training to make sure you’re transforming on a weekly basis. Classes will be hosted on November4,11,18, and 25 at 6 PM Eastern Time via the Zoom Video Platform. All classes will be recorded and sent afterward for you to keep forever. 

This boot camp is perfect for sales team leaders, entrepreneurs, and MLM or Direct Sales Leaders who need to have the strategies to train others how to become a master at sales to grow their team, business, and/or movement. By taking this 4-Week Training, you will have the knowledge to make back your investment and so much more.