Philippians 4:19 ESV: And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Many times our worries are split into the world of nouns – people, places, and things. These are the things we worry about. We can include ourselves in the people category. When we read this scriptures, “riches” is more than natural things (even though this is included). Riches means his abundant overflow and supply that is apart of His nature as our Heavenly Father. Peace is apart of His riches. Joy and abundance is apart of His riches. Patience and hope are apart of His riches. These are things that we must receive as being His children. When you came to Christ, you being saved was more than just being washed clean from a lifestyle of sin and destruction. Salvation means to be delivered from something. However, if I’ve been delivered from something, what have I entered into as a result. Let me break this down further. If you leave something, you have to be going somewhere else. If I leave my house, where am I headed if I am no longer at my home? I must have a destination. Got it?

Well when Christ delivered us, He gave us a new place to live in. It’s called Righteousness. It’s a whole new world where as Christians, we live according to God’s love. We live according to the promises of God. We have to learn how to rest in the promises because they are what we hold on to. We don’t hold on to promises to never experience them. We experience them because of the fact we believe in them. How do we experience them? Through faith. Through seeing our lives more than just natural experiences. 

God showed me many promises that were mine but I had to stop being anxious thinking that they wouldn’t happen for me. I would take on projects and responsibilities thinking that I could work my way into the promises of God. I walked outside of what God had called me to do many times because I felt like the calling on my life at that point in time wasn’t enough to get what I saw in the vision. I wasn’t resting in the promises because of what I saw with my natural eyes.

My bank account was saying the opposite of what I saw. How could I hit that figure that God gave me with what I was currently doing on my job? I saw it as not possible. Instead of waiting to hear God’s voice, I would take on side hustles to get to that figure. I ended up exhausted and drained and was too busy with things God never told me to do that I didn’t even have time to hear His voice. I was too busy doing things to hear what He needed me to do. I wasn’t resting. 

I said that I believed that God would supply but my disobedience to refuse to get still and hear His voice showed me otherwise. You don’t know how God wants to move in your life. You don’t know what door, path, or person God will use to make that shift happen in your life. You need to rest. You need to rest in His promise. You need to trust Him. Trust Him today. Listen for His voice. He wants to give you revelation and knowledge concerning your path in life. 

Wake Up & Win Confession: Good Morning Holy Spirit. I thank you that you have laid out promises that I have a right to as Your child. I thank you that I have been saved and I now live in the realm of righteousness. I receive the promise that all of my needs are met – spiritual and natural. I receive the promise of joy and peace. I receive the promise of hope and love. I will rest in these promises. I will not be anxious and do things outside of your will. I trust Your will for my life. I trust that you will never lead me astray. You have good plans for me. You know my life from beginning to end and you have laid out a path for me of real success. I trust you Father. I receive your divine strength to continue down the path you have for me. I will not be distracted by anything not on the path you have for me. I glorify you. Get the glory out of my life. Amen.

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