You’ve been searching. We’ve been waiting.

When you’re in the process of building something, it can seem lonely. The crazy part is that in life, we’re always building something whether it’s from scratch or building on top of something that already exists. No matter what we’re building, we need support. However, it can seem like support is so hard to find. You need like minded people who won’t convince you to leave what you’re building but will tell you to not quit and to never give up. You need more than that though. You need people who will pray for you, lift you up when you feel weak and vulnerable, and more. You need a sisterhood. You don’t need a fake one either. You need real sisterhood. You know the kind that doesn’t judge because we’ve all been in a ditch and had to climb out. We all had those moments when we had more mess than money and more problems than patience. However, we also know that you need us. You need The Power Table.

So what makes The Power Table special? Why should I join?

We believe that what makes anything special is the purpose behind it. Every community has their own purpose and focus. The Power Table’s focus is on helping Christian women in business and/or ministry by providing them with a support group and a monthly coaching conference call with open Q&A at the end. We wanted to provide a very affordable group coaching program that any leader can have as their support anchor. We aren’t offering 100 features because we’ve found that most people can’t even properly use all 100 features, bells, whistles, and more that come with many coaching programs and communities. We’re not the club that has 10 books for you to read next month with 20 required events that you need to come to in order to “fill your quota”. We’re not that kind of sisterhood. We keep it simple and if you’re in need of a simple support community that you can be connected to as you build your business and/or ministry, we’re the one for you.

We are built upon principles…

We are more than just a “group you join”. Our members are focused and intentional about where they desire to go in life and if you need that type of community, you will abide by these four pillars.

  • The Cross: to walk in Christ-like love
  • The Fleur (Flower): to commit to growth and the spreading of knowledge
  • The Crown: to carry one’s self as a Queen both naturally and spiritually
  • The Lion: to demonstrate boldness in the marketplace


Annual Gatherings

We meet twice during our membership year which begins in October of every year and ends the following year at the end of September. Below you will find the dates for this year’s two events. Please note that members should do their best to attend our two annual events.

  • Annual Summit – December 20-21,2019
    • Held in New Castle, Delaware
    • Flights – Philadelphia Airport (only 35-40 minutes away from Downtown Wilmington)
  • Private Member’s Getaway – June 25-28,2020
    • Location: TBA

Hello there,

I want to first thank you for even thinking enough to visit the information page about The Power Table. This community is special to my heart because every leader needs a place they can call home. As a leader in both business and ministry, it can be hard to have a space where you can unleash your mind and the people around you understand you. As a builder, you speak a different language than many people. You have a passion to impact others and to change the world. You have big ideas but sometimes you’re not around big idea thinking people. Sometimes, it’s the fact that you’re not around enough of those kinds of people. 

I created this community because isolation is one of the enemy’s greatest tools to cut you off from the life support that I consider to be sisterhood. It can be so easy to get swept up in your passions and gifts that you forget that you need healthy social interaction. You also need healthy support and to come from under the water. I pray that you see that joining The Power Table is not just about being a member. It’s so much more than that. It’s about being apart of a sisterhood focused on changing the world one step at a time. No one is bigger than another in our community. No one has special status. We’re all in the same community and we see each other as our fellow Queens walking in purpose. I can’t wait to see you inside the community. Scroll down below to join the sisterhood and make one of the best investments you’ve made in a very long time.

With Love,

Genesis Dorsey

The private membership club for Christian Female Leaders who desire a powerful business & ministry accountability circle!