So back in the last week of July, I volunteered as a VBS (Vacation Bible School) teacher at my Philadelphia Church Home (Greater Exodus Baptist Church).  Every day that evening, I had to press my way up through 5 PM traffic. To better put this in perspective, I was driving from Wilmington,DE into Central Philadelphia. The distance measured out to be about an hour and some change to get to the church. The traffic was brutal. I usually hit two major traffic clusters (coming into PA and coming into central Philly). If you ever need a lesson in patience, just decide to drive into some traffic.
I’m going to be honest, at times I want things to go quick. I usually hit the highway going about 60-70 mph. I don’t like traffic. I’m the woman that rolls up into the driveway blasting her gospel getting there in record time. Let me put it to you like this. I’m the person that likes to beat whatever time the GPS tells me. Just pray for me, that’s all I’m asking. They say prayer changes things.

Nevertheless, let me drive to the point. I was almost to my destination and I hit traffic. I was only 5 minutes away and I hit the worst traffic. The car was at a standstill. So the first thing I did was pull out my phone and click on my Waze app. Waze has been a blessing to my soul for so many reasons and if you don’t use it, you need to. I love Waze because it’s a community driven app where drivers can report what’s going on. According to the app and the Waze drivers around me, traffic was not moving. So in the app, you can have it provide to you other routes from where you are currently. All of the other routes would take me around the long way but I was so frustrated at what was in front of me that I didn’t want to endure it.

However, something crazy happened and it changed my perspective so much I had to come and write to you guys about it.

Have you ever been in traffic and when you finally saw why there was traffic, you just started to almost lose it? Well, maybe not lose it but just start shaking your head and mumbling under your breath? No? Well, I do all of these things. (Like I said, pray for me)

This time it was different though because God actually spoke to me through the traffic and I just shut my mouth and listened. I was going straight and all of the traffic was trying to merge to the right exit. It all was merging traffic. I couldn’t believe it.

This is what God said to me about my purpose.

You’re too frustrated to just wait. You want me to speed it up. You want to figure out what other ways there are to get there. You just need to be patient and wait. Where you’re going not everyone wants to go. Many people are merging to get to where they need to go and if you would just be patient and stay the course, the road will clear up and you will see what I’m trying to do in your life.

Now let me provide you some background in my personal life that may clear up why this was so simple yet so powerful for me. I have a lot going on right now. I’m not really sure of where God is taking me. I just know that my heart beats for ministry and the church and I’m following God on this one. I’m being stretched in so many different ways and lately I’ve been cutting off a lot of things. Even in my romantic life, I’ve been pretty weird about it. God seems to be removing every person that I was talking to. Right now, It’s literally just me and God. My phone is dry and God is doing this because I’m sure not. It’s like God is setting me up for something but I have no clue what. I just wanted it all to speed up because nothing was making sense.

You can only go as fast as what is in front of you or you will end up in an accident. You can’t jump in front. Sure, it works from time to time but when you’re in traffic, you can only go as fast as the car in front of you. You have to deal with what’s in front of you.

What’s in front of you that God is trying to get you to deal with? Sometimes, traffic can truly be a blessing.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

I believe that God does not bring trouble into our lives. Many people talk about Job but God didn’t bring it, He approved it to prove a point. I believe that life brings things into our lives because it’s life. The enemy brings and uses people’s flesh to just attack us. In the Word of God, we do see that there are forces (demonic attacks) to pull us away from what God desires for us to do and to tear up our mental fortitude.

However, according to Romans 8:28, traffic has its purpose. I used to always get angered about traffic. Then I realized that it was something that I can’t avoid. We don’t have GPS trackers in our lives telling us to avoid upcoming traffic and to take an exit. When I was using my Waze app, the traffic just popped up. It was not being shown on my GPS and there were not any exits before the traffic (only after!). So I was pretty much stuck unless I took the merging lane which was where all the traffic was going.

You just have to stay the course. Stay moving forward in where you were destined to go. So here I am munching on some WaWa and telling you about traffic. I guess traffic has a purpose.

Here are some questions for us to think upon based upon this article:

1. What traffic in our lives are we trying to avoid that may be a lesson in disguise?

2. Have you ever been in the “traffic of life”? What lessons did you learn previously?

3. How does patience and purpose work together?

4. Memorize Romans 8:28. What does “All Things” mean to you personally? What things are you going through right now? Did you know that God will strengthen you & equip you to carry on?

5. What are some things that you are not being patient about in your life? Remember, trying to go faster than what’s in front of you may cause you to get into an accident. What do you need to deal with RIGHT NOW?

6. Are you busy trying to speed up your purpose? What’s the harm in speeding up God’s destiny for our lives?

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