If you aren’t aware, Periscope is a live streaming app that allows users to capture what’s happening right now in the moment. It was created for the original purpose of sharing current events and news. However, brands are taking Periscope by storm to connect with their audience. The app is for both iPhone and Android users making it something everyone can use. Periscope allows users to follow others and be notified when they go LIVE!
Scared to go LIVE with your brand? Have no fear because Gigi is here! (That’s me)

1. Periscope is NOT Babble TV

Periscope is not meant for people who just want to come on just to hear their own voices. Use Periscope the right way or you will lose or never gain any followers. Use Periscope to do short talks about things that relate to your brand. For instance, on my website, my current topic is on Creative Leadership. I just recently did a Periscope stream on how to unleash your creativity. Another day, I did a talk about how leadership is developed through everyday life actions. All of my Periscopes point back to my brand. Nothing is for nothing. There must be a purpose behind what you’re doing. Remember: If it doesn’t match your brand, leave it alone!

2. Prepare & Plan

If you’re not used to speaking in front of the camera on a regular basis, take out some time and prepare what you’re going to speak about. This rule pretty much goes for everyone. However, for myself, there are times when I will jump on and share some tidbits of wisdom that I didn’t necessarily write out ahead of time. I’ve found what works best is to prepare some things that you want to share to your audience.

3. Catchy Titles & Proper Promo

Catchy titles work best! I have a habit of using numbers in my titles. For instance, you can use titles such as 3 Easy Steps to lose 15 Pounds or Help I’m Pregnant! (Talking about being pregnant with purpose). Of course, let there be a balance if you lean towards the more crazier titles. Haha. Proper promotion is key! Be sure to remind people to follow you on Periscope through your social media platforms. Stop by the Brand Bar if you need some social media flyers (we make some killer graphics!).

4. Time is of the essence

It’s Periscope not a TV marathon. I shoot for 30 minutes as the maximum time. That was when I had done promotion and proper planning for an in depth convo. If you find yourself going over 30 minutes, it better be pretty powerful. Also, look at the times in which you go LIVE on your Periscope and who your demographic is. If you appeal to entrepreneurs, their schedules may be more open than if you appeal to single mothers (try a later time). Also, as people join your stream, say hello to them. However, don’t take 15 minutes greeting everybody.

5. Make it fun!

What Periscope has allowed many brands to do is show the human side of the brand. Show your behind the scenes work! Get creative with your streams! I’ve turned my Periscopes into episodes. Advise your listeners to double tap if they are loving what you’re talking about. However, you can’t force people to like you. You need to create something for them to love! Remember to smile, laugh, and let people see that you love what you do!

(Originally written for BusinessBabesOnline.com)

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