There’s a HUGE misconception about ministry and entrepreneurship mixing as one. Many people don’t think that it’s possible when it’s more than just possible. It’s beautiful. Why? Because many pastors, ministers, preachers, teachers, ect. struggle with living solely off of their gifts and talents because of not knowing how to turn those amazing abilities into products and services that people will buy. So many in ministry rely on donations, gifts, and other small tokens of love to continue their work in ministry.

We’re living in a tech-based world where people are looking for learning on-the-go as well as resources they can use on their own time that’s self-paced. What we’re looking to build for your ministry is not just another product. We seek to build a community centered around your mission. We’re going to take that mission and build relative products, services, and online courses that will feed and serve your community and their needs.

At this point in time, you need a ministry marketplace coach. Now my job is not to coach you on how you do ministry. My job is to help gather all of your knowledge and expertise and help you package it into a community that people can join, engage with, and invest in. Your gifts are worth investing in. If you don’t believe that then this program will not be of much help because every business venture requires faith in the mission at hand.

When you look at top-tier ministry platforms that have global impact, you will see resources, products, and more. Why? Because we have taught everyone to invest in the world but not in the Kingdom of God. When people sow into your products or resources, they are sowing back into their lives. Your products/services will help someone due to your gifts and talents that are meant to transform people’s lives.

This is why you need a ministry marketplace coach to help you build and execute. It’s time to stop sitting on your gifts and talents. It’s time to stop waiting for the “perfect” moment to begin and grow your community. The time is now to begin the process that you can execute. How would you like to do ministry that maximizes the internet with global reach? How would you like to bring in additional funding through your ministry through resources and products? How would you like to transform your ministry into a resource based center?

Let’s look at the goals that we’re going to accomplish within this 3-Month program.

goals & what’s included

Our goal is to do the following for you:

  • Create a streamlined and automated base community for you. This means that our goal is to help you establish a focused online presence on your website plus social media. We’ll also create or develop your email marketing strategy for international impact and reach.
  • Create a three-month strategy for online and in-person content (if you locally minister/pastor/teach) that includes product development
  • Create a plan for 3 online-based courses including outline, video recording deadlines, and launch plan for each course
  • Create a plan for resource development for up to two products such as: workbooks, books, audio teachings, ect.
  • Create a plan for one service product: Coaching, Service-Based Product, Consulting

Here’s what’s included in your ministry marketplace coaching program DEAL that includes a 80% off sticker price!

  • 3 Month Program of Coaching with Genesis Dorsey
  • Includes two (1 hour) coaching calls per month (Video Call – via Zoom)
  • Includes homework assignments in between coaching call weeks (Sent via Email)
  • Includes 3-Month Strategy for your community (Developed & Shared via Google Docs)

This program is not for everyone. This program is for those who believe that they have the following:

  • At least 5 years of experience based on a specific topic of expertise that can be broken down into sub-topics of knowledge
  • Active on at least one social media platform (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope)
  • Is ready to invest into their future
  • Can commit to two coaching calls (1 Hour) per month for 3 Months
  • Can commit to homework assignments (Given out twice a month between coaching calls)










$2997 $997 (60% OFF)

(Payment Plan Available)

If you’re ready to merge your ministry with the marketplace and serve the world through offering products and services that they can use to grow in God and their gifts, then it’s time. It’s time to create and innovate. It’s time to invest in your ministry by creating a community, building that community, and scaling with product development through online learning, resources, and more!