Everyone needs a coach but few don’t know where to look for a good one. When you’re building a platform for your business or ministry, you need someone who can expand how you reach the world through strategy. On top of that, you don’t just need a coach. You need a support-based community of like-minded individuals who are going in the same direction as you. You also need access to learning about tools, software, strategies, and more to help you grow continuously. Where do you go? How do you build?

And it’s not just the building part. It’s also the journey. So many business owners lack joy or lose their joy along the way.

In the past six years, I’ve built three businesses as well as a personal brand where I’ve coached over 600 entrepreneurs and ministry leaders. You can only imagine the number of conversations I’ve had and the leaders I’ve met. In my growing responsibility of building businesses and ministry platforms, the one thing that so many leaders lack around me is joy. It’s time to reset our lives and see leading as a joyful assignment instead of a burden that is ours to carry. Joy is a gift and it has our name on it. The dictionary may define joy as a feeling but it’s truly more than that. It’s a lifestyle that we must fully embrace and walk in. There are three areas that steal our joy if we allow it. They are nouns – people, places, and things.

You have to learn how to protect who comes into your life. You must also learn how to protect your path of life by watching what environments you dwell in and operate in. Toxic environments will delay your destiny. Lastly, you have to learn what things you should involve yourself in. Many of us are drained. We haven’t made our life our #1 priority. Are you ready to get your joy back?


Whether you’re in business or ministry, if you’re someone who is building a business focused on a product, service, or resource, you need to focus on three things. It’s called the P.C.I. method. Platform, Community, and Income are the three essential core components to building a healthy business. The issue with these three components is that most people are overwhelmed with tons of content swirling the internet and events. The cluttered environment of information prevents them from building a clear mission and a purposeful proposition to their audience. Through this coaching method, you’re going to learn how to build a joy-filled platform that brings you to the forefront and separates you from the crowd. You’re going to learn within a group of like-minded individuals as well as receive coaching from Genesis within that same group setting. We’re a family of builders dedicated to helping one another grow and create powerful platforms that honor God. It’s more than just a platform – it’s our purpose and our calling. My Simple Life is a membership program that is continuous and keeps on giving. Every month we assess our goals and commit to a serious level of accountability to achieve them for our business.


Hear from those who have had Genesis as their coach!

Scheduling my coaching call with to Gigi, was the best decision I made since I first had the vision for my business about 2 years ago. Not only did it gave me an opportunity to share my vision but it also gave me the confidence that I needed to put myself out there.  There are times that we have a vision but need direction and that’s exactly what I got from Gigi. She gave me the reinforcement I needed and a TON of resources to START.  I love the fact that she is open to share her resources to help others and makes it her business to understand your vision. She is the same on social media and on the phone, hope to be able to meet her and looking forward to continue working with her.  After  our conversation, I truly felt I was stepping into the business woman I know I am.

Dulce G.

To be able to identify mental clutter, and repackage that information with clarity and creativity, is more than a talent; it is a gift. Genesis Dorsey is functional in transgeneration trends, versed in multiple business practices and is extremely confident in her intelligence. She is gifted to simplify strategy. And her personality is just as vibrant. I cannot wait to work with her again! (7 Stars)

Sabrina A.

Before my coaching session, I was trying to figure out how to get more brand awareness on social media.  During my coaching session with Genesis she provided me a clear strategy to bring more brand awareness to my company.  I walked away with a clear plan in hand.

Juanita F.

My appointment with Genesis was wonderful! I was able to learn ways to better my Ministry and keep it productive. Since my appointment with Genesis, I got t-shirts made with a phrase on them and they are selling tremendously fast. I also began to write down the goals that I have for my Ministry quarterly. Lastly, I started back up my monthly prayer nights via live stream. My appointment with Genesis allowed me to realize why I started my Ministry and now I am back on the path that God wanted me on.

Tomanise C.


What’s included in a program like this? We’re glad you’ve asked. Here’s the layout of what you get by joining My Simple Life Private Membership.

You’re not in this by yourself when it comes to building your business. Join our private group chat where you can ask each other for input, get advice from like-minded individuals, and bounce ideas off for future plans. This is our private space. It’s off of social media and in a private separate world away from the daily consuming world of Facebook or Instagram.

You’ll receive a monthly masterclass from Genesis that is only for members. She’ll cover everything from social media to sales and more. The goal is to teach you the foundational concepts of her PCI method: Platform, Community, and Income. You’ll learn how to build your platform to create a growing community that will scale your income.

Every 30 days, our group will hop on a call to catch-up with our progress, analyze our steps, and sharpen one another. Our group calls will also have guests that will come onto our platform to give deeper insight into strategic ways of improving our business.

All members get promotion through Genesis’ network (social media + email) so that they can increase their visibility without having to start with no support. Genesis will aid you into developing into a natural born speaker and sales expert so you can sell your skills and services/products through her social media channels via Instagram Video takeovers and more. This is a gateway to an audience that you’ll have approved access with.

Every quarter, you’ll get access to special calls where we’ll talk to top experts about topics concerning our business and life.


So how much does membership into a small private coaching program cost?