In Led to Lead, author Genesis Dorsey shares how there is a life filled with impact waiting for us. She breaks down how we can apply the Word to have meaningful relationships, lives, ministries, businesses, and more. With her witty insight and transparency, Genesis will go on a journey with you so that you can:

  • Own your now & remove the clones from your closet
  • Walk in your multi-dimensional abilities as a woman
  • Learn how to have the right circle as a woman of impact
  • Impact those around you and raise them up as leaders

God has called you out of hiding and into a life filled with joy, influence, and impact. It’s time to live that life.

Available in Paperback & E-Version

Paperback: $19.99

E-Version (PDF Download): $14.99

excerpt from the book

“The hardest thing to embrace for many of us is this idea of having more than one thing that makes us who we are. As humans, we try to create a logical reason for everything. Having one thing that makes us “called” or “appointed” is easy for us to manage. For many of us, we have an easier time focusing on this one thing than simply walking in His will. That’s why people love to harp and focus on what their “purpose” is because once they discover it, they feel at ease. They now feel as if they have importance and their lives are justified with meaning.

You had purpose the day you opened your eyes and came out of your mother’s womb. What is gained over time is clarity within your life of what God is calling you to do at any point in time.

It’s your relationship with God that helps you to walk in this multi-dimensional calling. You have to become comfortable with not knowing. That’s what we struggle with many times. We want to know everything. We find security in knowing. However, we are the most secure when we are in the Father’s arms. I struggled with not knowing the “ultimate plan”. I eventually found security in knowing that each step was apart of the plan.

There is purpose in motherhood. There is purpose is being an aunt or a niece. There is purpose on your job or as an entrepreneur. There is purpose in ministry and in volunteering. Purpose is wherever God places you because He wouldn’t place you without having a reason.”


Discover how to take full ownership of your life and remove the mask that your past has created.


Learn the myths about purpose that society & many Christians have created that has held many in anxiety and fear.


Walk away with applicable leadership lessons and strategies that will help you influence others for God’s glory!


Available in Paperback & E-Version

Paperback: $19.99

E-Version (PDF Download): $14.99

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