Leadership is nothing without purpose. You can have all of the skills, talent, and prowess. However, without purpose you will never be able to truly lead. Leadership isn’t something that we achieve. It’s something that we are placed into by knowing how to unleash our purpose and the purpose of others in the process. It's time for us as women to realize the power that we have on the inside of us and unleash our greatness for the glory of God. We must stop straddling the fence between indecision and action. We must awake and arise to our destined place. You know you've been called. You know that you're chosen. What now? How do you influence? How do you walk in purpose and focus on your assignment? You will find the answers to these questions inside of this life-changing book.

In Led to Lead, author Genesis Dorsey encourages you to become more than a leader in the natural but also a leader in the spiritual realm. We have been called by God to lead in many areas of life. You will learn how to apply your God-given talents in various ways and impact people for His glory. Leadership is not about a title. It's about helping others get to a destination that God has laid out for them. You are the chosen vessel. With biblical insight and powerful teaching moments, Genesis will inspire you to:

  • Understand your purpose and influence
  • Rest In your provision and understand how to build from the ground up
  • Represent your brand, ministry, and personal vision with grace
  • Embrace the power of prayer and establishing a strong supportive tribe
  • Divorce your past and learn how to walk on water

It's time to be led by God so you can lead like never before.



Genesis Dorsey is a passionate teacher and speaker focused on helping others fulfill their God-given purpose in business and ministry. To many she is a coach, mentor, and encourager for those looking to make an impact as a leader. Genesis is the author of Faith & Glass Slippers and the creator of the Royal Prayer Journal. She lives in Delaware with her creative mini genius Ziv (her dog).


For press and publicity inquiries regarding Led to Lead, please contact us at: info@genesisdorsey.com