“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:18-19
Israel was in rebellion mode. However, God was letting them know that He wasn’t finished with them that. If they just came back to Him, He would be all that they needed. Not only would He restore them, He was going to take them places even greater. Imagine that! You would have thought that because of their mistakes, He would just restore them and that would be it. However, God offers them something magnificent. How does this apply to us?

For some of you, you have turned away from God. Maybe not completely but you have not completely surrendered to Him so that He is leading in every area of your life. Sometimes we think that because we aren’t sinning physically that we’re pleasing God. However, I’ve found at times that my heart and my inner desires were not aligned to God’s will. I had really turned away from God but it was within.

Maybe you are in line with God and you’re focused. However, you feel like life is the “same old, same old”. Maybe you feel like your dreams are on hold but you’re staying faithful to God. I want to talk to you really quickly about where God is taking you.

No matter where you are in life, I want you to know that God wants to you somewhere great. I don’t know what He has exactly planned for your life but I do know that it’s GREAT. How do I know this? Look at what God had to say to the Israelites in Isaiah 43. They had completely turned their backs and He had not just greatness but something FRESH in store for them! That means something that is filled with LIFE. Some of you have allowed what has happened in the past and how you have lived in the past control how you live now! However, God wants to do something NEW. However, you have to LET GO of those “former things”! It’s a new year! It’s time to think NEW! It’s time to think good thoughts! It’s time to think with no boundaries. You have to cut off what held you back because God is taking you somewhere great!

Sometimes where you are looks hopeless. It looks like God isn’t going to do something fresh but sometimes you need to walk on water just to know that it’s possible! You may not have a dollar in the bank. You may be about to get kicked out from where you live. Maybe you keep on getting denied from that school or the job won’t give you the raise that you need. Maybe it’s the doctor’s report that wont’ change. I don’t know what it may be but what I do know is that it’s time to look FORWARD and what God is going to do in your life! If we just look towards Him, He will show us GREAT things. Where there are dried up places, God is going to bring rain. However, you have to get in position. You have to get your mind in position. You have to get your life in position. You have to get your faith in position. God wants to do something amazing. Are you ready? I am!

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