Suffering from making bad flyers? I get it. Well here’s some info on how to make sure you never make a crappy flyer ever again.
#Flyer101 When you make a flyer and want someone to share it, it MUST have the following:

1. Name of Event & Name of Host
2. Date & Time of Event
3. Location of Event (Online/Physical)
4. Price of Event (Free, Admission Cost, Ticket Price + Where to purchase the tickets)
5. (Optional) Website to learn more + Phone Number + Social Media accounts
6. (Optional) Why should people attend/What will happen
Make sure the flyer is also designed for social media as well. Don’t depend on social media to be the only platform for the flyer. Make other versions of the flyer for print, ad placement, online banners,ect.
If you have guests try to include pictures (avoid selfies but if that’s all you have, make sure they are in a frame so that they look better).
Not all flyers need to look like a club graphic with flares, shining lights, glow effects,ect. Of course it depends on your audience but definitely don’t make your audience go to sleep.
Need it all in one graphic? I got you! Look below!


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