There is a huge difference in marketing & branding. I wish people were more aware of how different they are. They work hand in hand but have different purposes. Marketing serves to connect customers to products in a way that would entice them to purchase. Branding serves to connect customers to the business in a way that would have them to support who you are as a company. People will follow what they love. I’ve seen businesses gain customers that purchase one item but would they follow them and desire to keep up with the company ? No. You want to build up a community of people who believe in what you do. That is where branding comes in.
It’s not necessary about following in terms of social media (likes, followers, reposts, ect.). It’s about the support and having people genuinely love you for what you do and your mission.
The late Steve Jobs said this:
“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me.”
Many people get so focused on selling that they don’t give voice to their brand and who they are as a company. Why do you do what you do ? If it’s just to push out products and make money, customers will start to catch on soon enough and there will be no customer connection. Get back to the “WHY” ! Can you say that you are doing something wonderful for people ? Are you helping people live a better life ? Do you help them celebrate their beauty ? Maybe you help people have fun and relax ?
Here are some questions to help you find your voice for your brand.
1. Why do we do what we do ? (your desired impact)
2. What do we offer that makes us set apart ? (your niche)
3. Who do we desire to serve ? (your demographics) 
Never forget that every business should seek to serve humanity in a greater way and make it a better place. Whether you desire to bring beauty to women’s lives or help people with better products to take care of their families, do it well. Tell people why you decided to enter into the market with your products and/or services. What’s missing in the world that you provide ?
When I started GigiCreates, I didn’t want to be just a graphic design company. There are TONS of graphic designers and branding companies. I remember being tagged by a follower who had seen a very popular person in need of a graphic designer and website creator. As I scrolled through the comments, I saw at least HUNDREDS of tags of graphic designers and website experts. I began to think, what sets me apart ?
What was my mission ? Why did I wake up each morning with a passion for GigiCreates ?
I desired to help people make their mark on the world while keeping Jesus first. I wanted every customer to be confident in their own mission by providing beautiful graphics, websites, and tools to help them serve others. I wanted them to keep Jesus first in their business and to never forget that He was their #1 supporter. I didn’t see that many graphic designers & branding coaches do that. They weren’t doing it like me.
I remember beginning GigiCreates after looking around and seeing how there was no one to walk me through the dark when starting Girls of Royalty and how to present a beautiful display of my brand to the world. Where were the God-inspired creators who prayed for their clients ? Who encouraged their customers to go after the great things God had placed within them ?
It would be me. People became drawn to my creations. However, those were God-inspired creations. When people see me, I want them to see God and how His creativity will help you take your business to higher heights.
A customer’s job is not to guess who you are and what you do. You need to show them. Whether it is videos about how the company came to exist or customers getting behind the scenes footage of what goes into making your products, make it special. Make people see how special what you do truly is. You are the #1 seller of your own brand. Before a person becomes a committed and continuous customer, they must first believe in your brand like you do. They need to see what you see.
Keep people inspired. Keep them connected. Keep them coming back.
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