2 Timothy 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

I had a coaching call with a client a few weeks ago and our conversation was surrounded around the topic of fear. When it comes to growing your career on your job, launching a business, ministry, concept, or just doing something you’ve never done before, fear will try to creep in. Fear will control you. I can’t tell you the number of people who send me messages on social media telling me how they fight fear daily when it comes to leading or showing up online. 

Let me tell you something that I said recently about fear. Fear is magnified when you make it all about you. Let me paint the picture for you. 

When we magnify our flaws and who we are (positive or negative), we make our callings about what we can physically do. We remove God from the picture. Remember in one of our recent devotionals, we talked about how God strengthens us. It’s God. It’s not us.

I can promise you this. If you’ve been in this fear hold, it’s because you’ve made it about you instead of focusing on what your calling is. Another thing I have done recently is instead of calling something “my fears”, I reframe it to be the fear that is facing me. Fear doesn’t belong to me. It isn’t mine. It’s something that is TRYING to get me to take it on as MY OWN. However, it doesn’t belong to me. It’s nothing but a thought from the enemy trying to lower how I see myself. So what do we do as a response? We focus on God. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us what we focus on: power, love, and a sound mind! These are the things God has given us. The question is this – Have I received these things? Have I received the power of God? What about the love of God? What about the sound mind that He gives us because we focus on Him?

Focus on His power, His love, and the sound mind that He gives us!

Wake Up & Win Confession: Good Morning Holy Spirit. I thank you that I have power, love, and a sound mind according to 2 Timothy 1:7. I thank you that I will focus on you because you are the author of my joy and my hope. Help me to accomplish the work that you’ve called me to do. Fear does not have any place in my life and in my heart. I speak to fear and I command it to go. I have the Spirit of God living on the inside of me. I rejoice when I face challenges knowing that this is nothing but a test. I will overcome every mountain that I face. I thank you that my mind is sound and not filled with fear but instead FAITH. I thank you that I am consumed with my belief in God. I thank you that my mind is focused on solutions and possibilities. I thank you Heavenly Father that you will see me through! Amen.

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