God, I thank you for being who you are.
It’s officially #FavorFriday for me.
God I’m thankful for your favor.
Ever had moments when you don’t know how that door opened ?
You don’t know why that person blessed you that way ?
You don’t know why they offered you that deal ?
Those that love God and honor Him are shown Favor each & every day.
It’s the little things that we tend to overlook sometimes.
Maybe, someone let you get in front of them in a line.
Maybe, someone picked you out of the bunch to go next and you knew you were supposed to be chosen much later.
It’s the little things. I thank God when I’m in heavy traffic and random kindness is shown to me when that person lets you in after being stuck in that lane for several minutes.
It’s when the store associate gives you the markdown out of no where on that dress that was full price.
God we thank you for being who you are.
We don’t deserve any of it.
Yet, you favor us in spite of our mistakes and flaws.
Favor is the mark of God’s child.
The enemy may try but he can’t mess up God’s favor on your life.
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