Obeying God

I was on the phone with a coaching client yesterday afternoon and I began to pour out to her about my beginnings in ministry. I told her to embrace the process of establishing your track record. This is the most important thing that many people despise because everyone wants to blow up and be seen. The problem with this is that this hinders us from establishing that track record.

I remember waking up the first day that I got in front of that online camera back in October 2012. No one was doing what I was doing in online ministry at least in any capacity that matched mine. I’m not saying that I was the very first woman in online ministry to do Google Hangouts. Not at all. However, online streaming via video wasn’t BIG yet. We didn’t have Instagram Live, Periscope, or Facebook Live. However, I knew that this was something that I should partake in. I began streaming live on YouTube on a consistent basis to a crowd of 0 people. No that is not a typo. That is the real number. Then the number grew but probably not to the number you were thinking about. It grew to about 5 consistent strangers.

I didn’t have the mindset of most. You see I was home by myself on a daily basis with no people supporting me around me. I didn’t have a mentor at the time because no one was doing online streaming via YouTube at that time. So I just decided to jump right in. I kept on being consistent because the way people would find me would be by my track record. They would find me by watching the video that was my first video wearing a geometric dress and berry colored lipstick with my young face.

I didn’t go live in front of that camera because I wanted to be seen. I got in front of that camera because I knew what God told me to do. That’s how simple my conviction was. How simple is your conviction? You see many of us overcomplicate us doing what God told us to do. We have 300 things in the way and we just need to look straight at the target – the assignment at hand. If your life is too cluttered to do what God asked you to do, that is a problem that you need to observe immediately.

We just need to do what He said – at least the first step and watch Him unfold the rest. We don’t know the rest of the picture. We don’t know all of God’s plans. You need to let go wanting to know everything at all times. God doesn’t work like that because He requires trust. You need to trust Him. That’s the real problem at hand. This is a trust issue with us having full confidence even when we can’t see the full picture. You’ve got to just get started.

It’s time to get started and build our track records. The people are coming but we need to start laying the foundation so that when they come, they have something to come to. God told Noah to build an ark. The flood was coming. The animals needed somebody to be the solution to the flood that would cover the earth. Noah didn’t wait until the flood came because what he was building would need to be built before it would come to the earth.
Stop waiting until the people come to get things in order. Your faith is seen when you do things in advance of the things you can see.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

The Bible says in the Book of Hebrews that faith is literally the substance of that which we hope for. Substance can be also seen as “matter” or something that you can touch. What does this mean for us? Faith isn’t faith unless there is substance set forth in the earth. You’ve got to do something in order for faith to manifest. 

It’s time to work.

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