So late last night/early this morning, I jumped on Twitter and just went off. That’s usually how I run my Twitter page. Outside of my scheduled posts, I come on at times to just release whatever is within my heart. It started off with sin and especially in regards to sex. I am a woman and so from time to time, I address and speak to specifically women. I believe that whatever we go through, God is meant to get the glory. I never believe that God puts us through bad situations. That’s not apart of His character. However, Romans 8:28 shows us that everything works out for our good. I believe that it can also work out for the good of others as well. When we are transparent in our faith & our trials, we help others see where they can make better choices before they experience what we have.
I believe that as a leader seeing other leaders come up around me, it’s important to discuss being transparent with others, including God. I’ve seen people mask their faith in “layers” as their audience grows. The greater the platform, the more concealed the message. However, it’s the experiences and the storms that have made us great fighters in battle. It’s the times of lack that have made us praise God and be thankful to understand the blessing in all of it. It’s where we’ve been that has made us who we are. We have to learn how to be like David.

In 2 Samuel 6, David is bringing the ark of the Lord back to the people of God. It goes to a home prior to coming to the City of David. When David is bringing it finally to the City of David, he is beyond happy. Happy is a feeling. What David had was pure joy which is a state of being. His heart was filled with praise! However, there are those around us who value their position more than their praise. In David’s case it was Michal. Michal was his first wife. She was the daughter of King Saul (remember the one who was trying to kill David?). She actually was personally offended because David was praising God so hard that his royal clothing came off. Now, I’m not sure if he was actually naked. I think that David still had on clothes but his royal garb (the outer shell of proven status) had came off.

This is more powerful than many of us can conceive. The real reason behind David’s success was due to the fact that he valued his relationship with God more than his status. This is a real lesson to all of us. Never let your pride hinder how you honor God. David was now King. He was in a place of real power. However, to God, David was David. The titles don’t mean anything. The place of power doesn’t mean a hill of beans. (For David)-Can you still praise Me like you did when you were a shepherd boy?  (For Us)-Can you still praise Me like you did when you had nothing? When you were sick? When you were lonely?

David did not care that his royal garments came off. Without God, he wouldn’t have a robe to put on. Sometimes, the presence and the joy of God is so intense that we have to dance off the titles. We have to just let loose and just give God ALL of US. As we grind for God and expand our careers, don’t forget who put you there. Give God some praise today and the rest of your days! We owe it to Him!

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