It was absolutely amazing! She told me what I needed to do and I’ve already started implementing. She accurately assessed the gaps in my businesses and gave me solutions to close it. I can’t wait to see the growth over the next 30 days. It was definitely the extra push I needed to get my life together now so that I have no regrets later. Thank you Genesis so much!!! 

Chantea W.

After my session with Genesis I received clarity on what strategies to use in order to see change. Genesis created an environment where I felt comfortable to talk through my dreams and goals and she took me through each idea step by step with strategies that would save me time and money. I have applied those strategies and I now see change. 

Dahna F.

A coach is one who instructs or trains by definition. It is someone who has the responsibility of showing you the way and making sure that you comprehend and execute that which is taught. Top leaders and achievers have coaches. Why? Coaches are the ones who stand by you and equip you with the knowledge to achieve your dreams and goals. At, we offer two amazing coaching programs and one experience that we believe will change how you build as a business or ministry leader. 

Coaching is something not only worth investing in but it can be the major difference between operating in a stuck place in your business or ministry and building an amazing platform. At, we focus on helping our leaders from start to finish.

Get Accountability

Most leaders have amazing ideas but lack execution when it comes to putting it into action and creating visible success. Having a coach helps you to be accountable to your goals and dreams.

Walk in Strategy

The most important thing a coach can provide is strategy and insight. This benefit helps you to not just build another business or ministry platform. It helps you to build with purpose and intention.

Create Revenue

What good is it to build something that can’t take care of itself? With our P3 Money System, you’ll discover how to ready the market for your platform and products/services.

Surpass Mental Blocks

Remove the mental roadblocks of growing a platform that will reach the masses. Our P3 Mindset Model will equip you with the mentality to operate on a higher level in life.

Looking to Start with Just One Session?

Our coaching sessions are offered as one-on-one sessions at $197 per session. Each session is 45 Minutes and includes a 4-week execution plan for that month for you to put into action. Our coaching calls are done online via Zoom Conferencing so that anyone from around the world can experience coaching with Genesis Dorsey.

Genesis is the iron that sharpens iron! She can motivate, educate, and call you to higher and greater effortlessly – fabulous in an understatement. I was stalking my email, waiting for my invoice! 

Erica D.

The Builder Coaching Program (Business)

The Builder Coaching Program is centered around helping individuals with established tribes turn their platform into a scaleable business framework. We break down this coaching program into 3 months of training – Platform, People, and Product. You will work alongside Genesis as she equips you with the strategy and the knowledge to build each of these areas. You’ll learn how to build your platform, turn your followers into supporting tribe members, and create scalable products and services to bring in revenue. In a nutshell, this is the coaching experience to create your game plan. This program is perfect for Business Owners, Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Speakers, Coaches, or Consultants looking to build a movement that involves the masses.

The Led to Lead Coaching Program (Leadership)

The Led to Lead Coaching Program is our faith-based leadership coaching program focused on helping leaders emerge with no fear of their future or potential. This program focuses on helping leaders do the following:

  • Emerge from Hiding their Gifts
  • Own their Now
  • Understand and Unlock the Power of their Voice
  • Cultivate their Leadership Skills

The Stretch Coaching Program (Life)

The Stretch Coaching Program is our faith-based life coaching program for individuals that is a four-week intensive focused on helping those in life stretch past their situations and into a life of freedom. This is done through breaking through limiting beliefs about self-esteem, valuing their worth, letting go of limiting beliefs about money and wealth, and operating in wisdom concerning healthy relationships. This is our breakthrough program for those who know they have been called to higher but feel stuck in the same old patterns of life and need to breakthrough. 

Read the Coaching Program Guide

Read about our coaching programs in depth and see what each program offers. You’ll discover which program is the best fit for you and why. Click the button below to begin reading.

This is the experience for those looking for to go through an acceleration in a short period of time. This is also for those who need hands-on and in-person coaching. This is perfect for those who are in need of an intense shift. During these two days, you will give undivided attention to your business and spend intimate time with Genesis as your coach during this time. This experience is best for those who are at the beginning or in the midst of building their business and/or ministry and desire for Genesis to equip them with the framework before launching.

The VIP Two-Day Experience is only available for clients who have already invested in a coaching program or a coaching session with Genesis Dorsey. You can email us at [email protected] to learn more and discuss your VIP Experience and our pricing.

Genesis has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years. Hear from those who have experienced Genesis in coachings and trainings.

Hiring her is still one of the best decisions I could have made for my business.

I’ve been working with Genesis for a few years now and hiring her is still one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. My coaching session last week was not only intense but I love how spiritually connected. Genesis is with me. And it’s a huge blessing to have a business coach who is understands the power of prayer.

-Dr.Lorneka J.

Scheduling my coaching call with to Gigi, was the best decision I made.

Scheduling my coaching call with to Gigi, was the best decision I made since I first had the vision for my business about 2 years ago. Not only did it gave me an opportunity to share my vision but it also gave me the confidence that I needed to put myself out there.  There are times that we have a vision but need direction and that’s exactly what I got from Gigi. She gave me the reinforcement I needed and a TON of resources to START.  I love the fact that she is open to share her resources to help others and makes it her business to understand your vision. She is the same on social media and on the phone, hope to be able to meet her and looking forward to continue working with her.  After  our conversation, I truly felt I was stepping into the business woman I know I am. 

– Dulce G.

Genesis is as authentic as they come.

Genesis is as authentic as they come. I sought out Genesis after discovering her on YouTube and because I was attracted to her”real” approach and willingness to provide useful information for Free in her videos. I wanted to use Genesis to create an action plan for launching 3 separate products and got exactly what I needed. I highly recommend using Genesis if you are feeling stuck and have questions moving forward with your business.

– Christine L. 

Genesis is a Godsend.

She is such an awesome coach as well as a woman of God. I reached out to her for a one on one session, because I needed insight on my online t-shirt store, which I opened earlier this year. Turns out, she showed me that my mission was bigger than just selling t-shirts. I learned way more than I could have ever imagined. Just recently I had a very bad experience with another online coach, but that bad experience turned out to be a blessing. That was God’s way of leading me to Genesis and I am so grateful. I am going to end here so I can get started on my execution homework. I am looking forward to the future!

-Miranda J.

I left my session feeling EMPOWERED to be ME.

I left my session feeling EMPOWERED to be ME. uncompromising, unapologetically. The first thing that I loved about this session was that it was Biblically based and sound. While I was just recently introduced to Genesis, I love her passion and her drive to see others succeed.

-Sonya F.

Read the Coaching Program Guide

Read about our coaching programs in depth and see what each program offers. You’ll discover which program is the best fit for you and why. Click the button below to begin reading.