The 3 Ways to Begin Walking in Your Expertise

The 3 Ways to Begin Walking in Your Expertise

So you’re an expert. Now what? I’ve met many leaders who have years of experience in their field. However, they have never learned how to properly walk in their expertise as a speaker, consultant, coach, author, or other areas of influence. I want to give you the 3 ways that will help you to begin walking in your expertise. These keys will help you be consistent, effective, and strategic.

  1. Call Yourself An Expert: You would be surprised how many people claim to be something but don’t call themselves one. You have to call yourself an expert if you want people to see yourself as one. You have to make sure that your online platforms, professional bio, and more speaks of your expertise. It should be a consistent representation as well. So if I go to your social media and it says Parent, Lover of Food, and People and then I go to to your website and it reads: Expert of Haircare, ect. — it doesn’t align. One platform sounds personal while the other sounds professional. It should be consistent across the platforms. I suggest that if you do desire to have a personal platform that you have those as a separate account and not apart of the platforms that you promote.
  2. Showcase your Knowledge Online: Social Media is the perfect place to showcase your knowledge online through content. I advise picking one social media platform and providing amazing content that people can consume. Now before we get into the platforms, you need to realize that you need to do four things in order to maximize these platforms. You need to provide the content consistently, you need to provide quality content, you need to be strategic, and you need to be engaging. Many people don’t care about the content that they provide but you need to care. You need to provide good quality content because you are an expert. If you’re an expert, prove that you’re one with what you provide. You can pick the following platforms:
    1. YouTube: Video Content
    2. Instagram: Quotes & Video Content (Short & Long: IG TV)
    3. Facebook: Video & Written Content
    4. Twitter: Daily Quotes (Short Content)
    5. LinkedIn: Professional Written & Video Content (all experts should be on there)
  3. Package Your Expertise into 1 Product: Don’t be an expert without a product to sell or provide. Every expert should at minimum have an online or printed product in the form of a book, workbook, kit, or online course. Don’t have a way to NOT monetize speaking events, workshops, online presence, and more. There are so many people who claim to be experts but don’t have a way to package their knowledge through a product past the free knowledge and expertise you provide online as an expert. You have to display your knowledge. I’m teaching my masterclass on this on December 17th and if you haven’t gotten your seat, you need to get your seat today: click here

BONUS KEY: Build Your Connections and Network as An Expert: You can’t just call yourself an expert and sit in your office or house all day and night. You need to get out and introduce yourself as an expert. One of the best things you can do is use your LinkedIn as a professional social media platform to establish your professional expertise in the market that you serve. Connect with other experts on LinkedIn and do the following things: Write and Share articles surrounding your expertise, Connect with other experts and connect with them via personal message, and comment on other expert’s content and be sure to find a few people within the comment to make a connection with. Corporations are looking for expert speakers for seminars, workshops, conferences, summits, and more. Why not put yourself out there as an expert or do you desire to hide? It’s time to shine. Outside of LinkedIn, network in person at networking events, conferences, and more. People should see you and know you and know what you do without being confused. 

  1. “He is the one who builds lead generating websites for startup businesses.”
  2. “She is the one who is an expert at natural hair care and styling.”
  3. “He is the one who teaches teachers how to build easy to follow lesson plans for their classrooms.”
  4. “She is the one who teaches boutique owners how to grow their business.”

In short, it should be easy for people to remember who you are and what you do. You want people to be able to put you into a box. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a VERY good thing. Them putting you into a box isn’t placing a limitation on you. It’s instead doing this — making it easy for people to know and remember what it is that you do. 

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How to Begin Your Speaking Career

How to Begin Your Speaking Career

Speaking in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Geralda Larkins Innovate Summit.

You know that you’ve been given the gift of empowerment and translating knowledge into speaking. You are ready to become a speaker. How do you begin a career as a speaker? Let’s answer that today.

So we’re going to start with a very short answer to a question.

Question: How do you begin a career as a speaker?

Answer: You don’t.

Let’s run this back to my personal story as how I became a speaker. I didn’t start a speaking career. I just simply began speaking and helping others through my voice. The most successful speakers speak from experience and life. I want to give you 4 winning tips to expand your influence as a speaker if you want to travel the nation and world speaking to others.Become successful in an area of your life that you can speak on.

Tip #1: Become successful in an area of your life that you can speak on

Great speakers are made from great stories. They speak from experience. You need an area of experience you can offer your expertise in. Get what I did there? Speakers have the ability to take the listener from a starting place to an end place. You are guiding the listener on a journey. As a speaker, you also want to have diverse topics you can speak on within your area of expertise. Start speaking and put out content showing your expertise. Make sure the content is good and that you record in a well-lit area.

  • Start a YouTube Channel where you begin to share your insight on topics
  • Post video content on IG TV, Linkedin, FB Page sharing your insight
  • Update your Linkedin page to include your passion for speaking and be sure to share insightful encouragement on Linkein in regards to your expertise
We look exhausted. This was me after 4 weeks of leading a 2 hour training (per week) on Dropshipping 101 for small business owners. This was in Wilmington,DE and was sponsored through the Women’s Business Center.

Tip #2: Prepare yourself to be booked

A speaker has a voice. People should be able to hear your voice and connect it to a face and a name. This means that your website should contain a speaker page with the following things:

  • Once you begin to establish speaker engagements: Add photos from speaking engagements, testimonials, and logos from organizations and events you’ve spoken at
  • Speaker Reel – this is a video showing clips from speaking engagements and sharing testimonials from others who have heard you speak
  • Booking Form – Include information such as name, organization, date(s) and time of event, address, expected amount of attendees, topic that they wish for you to speak on, ect.
Speaking in Atlanta,GA at the Confessions of A CEO One-Day Experience by Ty Lewis.

Tip #3: Upsell Your Speaking with Products

Never go to a speaking engagement without a way to leverage it somehow. Speaking for free isn’t a career. That’s a hobby where you don’t want to be paid for your skillset and that’s not what we want to do. I am the crusader for packaging your passion. When you go to speaking events, have product that they can either invest in physically or digitally. Here are some speaking tips on monetizing your stage.

  • Use a text keyword system where you can provide a keyword for people to enter in order to receive a special deal in their seats. Example: “I’m so excited about being here and my team has prepared a special bundle deal just for you. Simply text “speaktoday” to 12345 to get the exclusive link.”
  • When you obtain a speaking engagement, ask if a table will be provided where you can sell your products/services. Make sure your table has a way where people can sign up for your email list to stay in touch with you. You can also use the text keyword idea to promote quick sign-ups. Make sure you have a nice vendor table along with a way to collect payment (PayPal or Square reader). If you have a Shopify store for your e-commerce, use the Shopify reader. If you offer services, membership, or other services be sure to have some postcards and reading material people can take with them so they can learn more about what you offer.
  • 24 hours after the event, enter the emails from the event into your email marketing or lead system and do follow-up. Don’t allow people to forget your presence. This is apart of great branding. Send an email thanking them for being apart of your speaking experience and then be sure to offer a next step for them to take action – purchasing a book, course, ect.

Tip #4: Make great relationships & become a better speaker

If you want to keep yourself in the zone of speaking, nurture great relationships. If you want friends, make yourself friendly. Introduce yourself and support other people’s events.

  • Join a professional networking group on Meetup and meet new people
  • Connect with organizations and see how you can speak to their employees, students, volunteers, ect.
  • Reach out to event hosts and learn how you can become a speaker. If they say that they don’t accept speaker requests, move to the next event host. Don’t get offended. Every event has their own process of how they select their speakers. Remember that relationship is everything.
  • Join a local Toastmasters club in your area to strengthen your speaking skills
  • Make genuine connections with people and find ways to collaborate and partner in order to expand your influence

I hope that these four starting tips will help you walk in a successful career as a speaker. More tips and strategies are coming soon. Did you find some insight from this article that you can use to grow your speaking career? Have some tips and more ideas to share? Share them below in the comment section and let’s discuss!

Business Profile: Free Range Concepts

Business Profile: Free Range Concepts

(Featured Image from D Magazine) Noonan (Left) and Sepkowitz (Right)
One of the things that I want to begin highlighting are amazing and unique churches and businesses that I come across during my travels or through interaction via the digital space. For those of you who follow me on social media, you would have seen that I was in Houston recently. I visited a few spots that had very amazing behind-the-scenes business stories. If I’m enjoying a place as a customer, I love to research the story behind it. While in Houston, I went to Bowl & Barrel for a night of fun. It was definitely an experience. It’s like the southern version of Lucky Strike that we have on the North East. However, Bowl & Barrel is just one of the businesses within Free Range Concepts. When I read up on their other businesses, I was blown away. They have been truly creative in creating experiences for those who think that they are just coming for a bite to eat. It’s more than that if you’re stopping by a restaurant owned by Free Range Concepts.

Free Range Concepts | @gigihepburn


Business: Free Range Concepts

Profile Description: FreeRange Concepts’ founders, Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz, have a combined 20 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, including hospitality management, operations, acquisitions, divestures, and new store openings for multi-million-dollar concepts.


Free Range Concepts


Includes: Bowl & Barrel, Mutts, The General Public, The Rustic

Owners/Partners: Kyle Noonan and Josh Sepkowitz

Sector: Restaurant Management & Hospitality

Started: 2012

Cities: San Antonio, Dallas, Houston

First Year of Operation: $350,000

Second Year of Operation: $6 Million

Now: More than $20 Million (reaching corporation status) #BizGoals

What I love about this company is that they proved that you can indeed do business with people who are close to you. They never made decisions unless they agreed as a team. Sepkowitz handles the financials and the real estate portion while Noonan handles the branding and the operations. Sepkowitz was an investment banker on Wall Street before partnering with Noonan. Noonan came from operating and opening up locations under the Pappa’s brand. So imagine what happens when two people with this kind of experience comes together? The numbers that they’ve reached then aren’t so surprising. The one thing that I really admire is how they have the ability to turn something really amazing and make it a viable business. Ever had an idea for a business and thought it was a really good idea? They figure out what those good ideas are and make them into multi-million dollar businesses.


Free Range Concepts

The Concepts Broken Down

  1. Bowl & Barrel: Boutique bowling alley & tavern dishing locally sourced American eats, craft beers & cocktails.
  2. Mutts: Casual eats & craft beers served concession-style on a dog-friendly patio, plus an off-leash park.
  3. The General Public: Modern gastropub featuring elevated comfort classics, cocktails, wine & craft beer.
  4. The Rustic: Down-home venue with locally sourced American eats, Texas brews & an outdoor patio with live music.

My Takeaways

  • Use your experience and passion to do what you know you have the ability to do
  • Research and use tools to make that good idea something that can position you for success. Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t make it a good business move. If you’re going to go all in and take that risk, make sure you have some backup via research, funding, and more to make a solid move. Don’t be an idiot.
  • Approach the market with something unique and build the experience around your center focus.


Free Range Concepts


Some of their secrets include the following:

  • Talk to your customers to figure out what they desire as you create new concepts for business
  • They stay in their lane when it comes to their roles as partners


Want to read more on Free Range Concepts?

Article #1:

Article #2:


Question (#LetsTalk): FreeRange Concepts has proven that unique business ideas can work. How have you used your creativity to create unique aspects for your own business or church?

Review for #MyPromoBox from VistaPrint

Review for #MyPromoBox from VistaPrint
Here is my review of #MyPromoBox by VistaPrint. #MyPromoBox is a box of promotional goodies that VistaPrint sends you every month built by a profile that you setup on their site. You can choose colors, upload your logo, provide your tagline, address, and images that you upload representing your brand. Every month they will send you items built from that profile. These were the items that I received in #MyPromoBox.

What are your thoughts? Would you subscribe to a service like this for $29.99? Do you think it’s too high or too low or the perfect price? Do you like how they send you various items per month that they pick or would you rather be able to pick your items?

Bill Gates Didn’t Work Harder Than You

Bill Gates Didn’t Work Harder Than You

I know. It sounds crazy. It’s the truth though. Bill. Warren. Oprah. Beyonce. Sheryl. Sophia.
Anyone that you look up to who have made great strides in business eventually worked smarter not harder. I’ve seen many quotes that say “Beyonce or _____ has the same 24 hours as you” or something to that effect. We believe that if we negate sleep and “hustle” into the night that we will become successful. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

Point One: Wisdom and Application is what scales business not “hustle”.

It is a common fact that you have to work hard. We could talk all day but that isn’t something to applause or hand clap about. Hard work is the foundation. However, what happens past that? Past the networking, social media campaigns, great marketing strategies, ect. It’s the wisdom. The reason why many are frustrated when it comes to your business is that you’re discovering hard work isn’t enough. You have to get REALLY good at what you do and you have to make it appeal to enough people to turn your hobby into a business. Many business owners are working hard but their revenue stinks. Slaving into the night using the same techniques and strategies aren’t working anymore. It’s time to change the game plan. In order to do that you need to do the next step.

Point Two: Relationships and not just networking.

Who doesn’t love to network? If you’re a business owner or in corporate, networking is essential. Actually, everyone networks in some form or fashion. However, relationships are what build monumental partnerships. It places trust and builds something greater than just a handshake. You aren’t meant to connect with everyone. However, I truly believe in divine partnerships. I believe that there are people out there that have been “marked” as the keys to the next level in your business. Each level requires different relationships. You need to learn how to further your business beyond what you just see. You need to be with people who are thinking futuristically about the industry you are in.

Point Three: Scale, Sell, or Stay Where You Are (The Choice is Yours)

This is something that I’ve been talking about more and more. Not every business is meant nor created to scale. Every business is different. For instance the mom & pop shop that sells pizza down the street may never scale into a franchise. However, it wouldn’t hurt expanding to a few more locations. Maybe they don’t want to. It’s good to know what your end desire is and build it out from that. Many small biz owners that I know just want to make a few hundred grand as a “dream”. I know that because I look at how they work. They are working and building their business to stay as a small business with only a few employees. Watch how you’re building your business. Are you building it to grow or stay small forever? Do you want to be the one packaging all of the orders or just in one location or are you building with growth in mind. I believe that small businesses are the cornerstone of America’s economy. However, it’s important that we do learn how to scale our small into something that will last for a long time. Not every business has the goal to stay forever. Maybe your intention is to sell your company to a larger company. Is your company growing in that direction? Know what you want and grow it the way you have laid it out. Otherwise, you’ll stay in the same place forever. Who wants that?

Point Four: User Experience

The best companies in the marketplace have capitalized on ensuring that their customers/clients are having an awesome time. The greatest in business have learned how to give the customers what they want or create something that the customer doesn’t even think they need and turn it into an obsession. Learn how to do that. Learn how to make something people want and need in their lives. Businesses are meant to fill voids or create voids people don’t even know exist. That’s the goal. That’s how you build a business from a garage to a multi-billion dollar company. You create something that you’re good at and you work it until people can’t deny your greatness.

(Originally written for

Starting A Mug/Journal Business

Starting A Mug/Journal Business

Hey guys! My goal is to upload and provide as much content as I can per week. With blog posts going out twice a week, I wanted to mix it up with some videos. I received a question from a friend who wanted to learn more about starting a mug and journal business. This video includes what I learned when I started my own business. If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, be sure to do that today!


Sites Mentioned

Purchase Mugs & Journals in Bulk
(Look at total pricing, some companies charge for setup fees, ect.)
1. Discount Mugs: (Mugs)
Discount Mugs (Journals)

2. (Mugs)

Purchase Mugs in Small Amounts
1. York Photo:

Dropshipping + Print on Demand (Print & Ship)
1. Printful:
2. Print Aura:
3. Spreadshirt: (Pays you according to their payment system. You do not receive your money immediately)

Self-publishing Your Journal
1. Blurb:

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