In my years of dating, “building” was rarely mentioned. I was simply seen as the body that served the King in times of lustful need. That’s the nice way of putting it. Of course marriage was not on the table because the desire was to “play” and not mate. However, my life changed. After 2012, I became addicted to my destiny. I was forced to see myself as someone who actually had something to contribute besides just “labor” and “work”.

I began to focus on my writing and then I launched my business. During this time, I found myself faster than most people do in their lifetime. I discovered that my time was valuable and that included my heart. I became frustrated at having pointless talks with men who never asked about my passions. They brought up my business and passions in the early part of our talks. I would ask them about what they did and they would discuss their job. They didn’t love what they did. When I asked them about what they really wanted to do, it was as if it was a “far away dream”. Our fire didn’t match.

Of course there were the “never talk to” guys from my childhood and teenage years that had nothing going on at all. They weren’t passionate about their future. However, the men who were established and striving for better…it seemed like they were hidden. However, so was I. I currently am hidden for good reason. Do you know how easy it is to be in the public eye but hidden? Everyone knows you and you’re very social but parts of you are in the shadows.

I wanted someone worthy of supporting. As a business owner, you will find out VERY fast how valuable your time is. I can’t say this enough. Your time is actually money. I still want someone who I can support without holding anything back. However, it’s not like you just put yourself out and find the best candidate. You actually have to position yourself in the best possible way for the best ROI. Looks didn’t cut it anymore. I’m in my early 20’s and I’ve already met the most beautiful and passionate men on earth. However, looks and even passion aren’t enough.

Listen…There are so many handsome men and gorgeous women but if we can’t operate together as a productive couple building something that’s filled with purpose then what’s the point. So we can just slay for social media and obsess over how “bad” we look?

You’ll look bad but be BROKE. You can be rich but your home could be filled with chaos because you’re partnered with someone who doesn’t understand the weight and the drive that comes from being addicted to destiny. Power is attractive. Even the look of influence and sway is attractive but the real question is: Does this person understand YOU and how YOU operate. I’m not talking about perfection because you will need to evolve.

What I’m saying is this: Can we build what God has put on the inside of us as individuals TOGETHER? Can we build and not compete? Can we compliment each other’s flow? You can’t just find that. Destiny has to come into play with this kind of matchmaking.

And THAT’S why I believe in the concept of God placing someone in the earth for you because even some of your loved ones could care less about your purpose. You already have people around you now who don’t want to support you. I even know that my friends who love me were never made to fill what that designated man for me was meant to fulfill. So until he comes, I’m keeping his seat hidden away from the world. I don’t know where he’s at. I don’t know where my architect partner for life is. However, I know that in the mean time that I need to focus on God building my life. You can’t come down on the price of your heart. There’s too much at stake. We’re talking about purpose linking.

So let me ask you this one question.

Can you build with me?

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