DECEMBER 20-21, 2019




Definition of “Build“: to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole

Based on this definition there are certain steps required in order to build. You must form, order, and unite with materials in a way that involves a process so that things may become whole.

As a builder, our job is to make things whole. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens through a process of forming. Many who have been called to build forget that every new thing that we build creates a new process. Every expansion. Every new idea. Every new calling. It’s a process and we must not give up nor quit. However, many leaders are becoming distracted by the glitter and gold-like appearances in this world boasting of the multiple ways to arrive to success. At BUILD AGAIN 2019, you will learn as a leader or as a team member how to build while focusing on what God has called you to build.

This two-day leadership experience is split into two focuses: Building as a Leader and Building as a Team Member (Staff/Volunteer/Team Member). We want to not just feed the leaders but also those who support the vision. 


You should attend if you fit any of these things below:

  • You’re a person in a leadership role who is craving to be around others who are ignited to impact the world for greater
  • You know that you’ve spent far too long being distracted by other leaders and their success and you desire to reignite your own path in leadership
  • You are ready to strategically prepare your ministry/business for 2020 and you need to isolate yourself from your normal environment so you can plan effectively
  • You desire to bounce your ideas with other passionate leaders so that you can gain feedback as well as help in several areas that you lead
  • You desire to expand the way you lead not just naturally but spiritually
  • You haven’t invested in your leadership growth in quite some time
  • You’re tired of leadership events, conferences, and summits where you don’t learn but simply hear somebody say something you could have “Googled” for free


  • You desire a safe space where you can ask questions on how to support your leader without them being in the room 😉
  • You need to sort out current team issues and problems that you believe can be solved through positive and Christ-centered teamwork
  • You desire to learn how to improve the vision in your role and how to accomplish more without adding more work to weigh you down
  • You need to be reignited as a team member and crave to be around people with a passion to serve
  • You desire to network and connect with other team members who serve in different capacities like you
  • You need a break and you need to recenter yourself in good leadership teaching and training that is based in the Word of God



Friday Morning Trainings – Starts at 8:30 AM

  • (All Attendees) “Build Again” – The Spirit of the Builder
  • Breakout (Leader) – “The Comeback” – How to Build After Loss in Life
  • Breakout (Team Member) – “On Life Support” – How to Support the Vision & Your Leadership

Break for Lunch – Come back at 1 PM

Friday Afternoon Trainings – Starts at 1:30 PM

  • (All Attendees) – “Millionaire in Training” – How to Win in Your Finances for Your Future
  • Breakout – (Business) “Breaking the Curse” – How to Build to Break the Poverty Curse through Entrepreneurship
  • Breakout (Ministry) – “Back to the Future” – Doing Ministry in a New Decade

Friday Night Worship Experience with Nicole McNeil: Begins at 7 PM


Saturday Morning Trainings – Starts at 8:30 AM

  • (Everyone) – Team & Leader Headshots (Ends at 10 AM)
  • Breakouts (Everyone)
    • Write that Book! – Author’s Lab Part 1
    • Social Media, Marketing, and Creative Lab Part 1
    • Church & Business Accounting & Taxes Lab Part 1
    • Leader Support Lab – Administration & Travel, Bookings, ect. Part 1

Break for Lunch – Come back at 12:30 PM

Saturday Afternoon Trainings – Starts at 1 PM

  • Breakouts (Everyone)
    • Write that Book! – Author’s Lab Part 2
    • Social Media, Marketing, and Creative Lab Part 2
    • Church & Business Accounting & Taxes Lab Part 2
    • Leader Support Lab – Administration & Travel, Bookings, ect. Part 2

Saturday Afternoon Worship & Word Experience with Genesis Dorsey: Begins at 4:30 PM



“Dream again. Build again. Speak again. Move again. This time IT’S PERSONAL! This time, it’s not about the people around you and what they want for your life. This time around, it’s YOU. Your desires. Your dreams. Your vision. I pray that your fruit shall remain. If you keep God first, it will not expire. Whatever you put your hands to will last for years to come. The world builds statues. God builds legacy!” – Written in August 2017

I wrote this over two years ago and it was God that brought me back to it through a reminder on social media. One part of the entire post spoke to my heart. Build again. Over the past few years of my consulting and coaching journey with leaders in both ministry and business, I kept on hearing and seeing one thing. The constant chase of success by leaders who as a result were getting further and further away from what God had called them to do. They were becoming more addicted to process and strategy than hearing from the voice of God and guess what? They were failing and falling hard. It’s time to build again. However, not from the man made foundation that this world offers.

We need to build again from the right foundation of Jesus Christ as our center in both ministry and the marketplace. This is why God called me to create this experience for those who craved getting back to leadership – God’s way. We’re going to spend two amazing days diving into God’s Word and also hearing from anointed leaders on how to lead effectively and with power. I pray that you make the investment to come to Delaware. Delaware is my home state and it’s also the second smallest state. People have asked me why I haven’t held my events in larger states. The fact is this – this experience is not about being somewhere big. This experience is about us gathering to get the work done to build again. You may be building something already off the ground or something that’s brand new. Whatever it is, let’s make sure our foundation is solid. I can’t wait to see you in Delaware in December. We’re going to have an amazing time with each other and I’m anticipating a mighty move of God. That’s what He promised and that is what we will see.

With Love,

Genesis Dorsey, Host of Build Again 2019


What should I bring? 

We advise all attendees to bring their laptops or a tablet device to take various notes as well as to participate in activities for team building and team projects for our team members. Be sure to also bring contact information to exchange with other leaders and team members. We also advise to check the weather and to pack accordingly. In Delaware, the winter will be upon us so we advise you to pack clothing to keep you warm.

If I’m coming from out of town, what are my travel options?

If you are flying into the area, we recommend flying into the Philadelphia Airport. If you are within a 2-4 hour radius, you can also take the Amtrak train station to the Wilmington,DE Train Station. You can also take the bus such as Greyhound to the Wilmington,DE Bus Station. We recommend staying in a hotel in Wilmington,DE. The location of the experience will be at: 3071 New Castle Avenue, New Castle,DE 19720. Use this address to find nearby hotels to stay at.

How much is the investment for this experience?

Registration is $50 per person.