True Boss

September’s 2019 Pick is True Boss by Clarity Life Coach, Heather Thompson. This book pick is perfect for every woman ready to unleash her “True Boss”. For our male members, we believe that you can learn many lessons from this read as well that are truly life changing. By entering your email below, you’ll join our Boss Builder Facebook Group. Be sure to also click the button to order the e-version of the book.

About The Book

In today’s society, a woman who is a “boss” is widely respected, recognized, and even encouraged. Winning is the name of the game, and the highest winners are those who earn the most and have even greater power.
While winning is great, have we considered the cost for our victories? And while we’re “slaying” our competition – other capable, driven women – are we also slaying our compassion?
The True Boss is a brief but in-depth workbook that helps women address the unhealed parts of themselves and see success as a marathon for everyone instead of a elite sprint for approval and authority. Let The True Boss help you see yourself as the fulfilled, 360-degree leader that God intended!

About the author.

Heather M. Thompson is a transformation life coach, writing professional, and a founding partner of Great Nation Publishing, LLC: an independent publishing company that specializes in producing faith-based fiction and nonfiction works.

Through her work, Heather’s primary focus is transforming worn-out women into whole women through clarity-based coaching. Her clients come from diverse professional backgrounds, but they have the same intrinsic need: to properly identify past/present roadblocks and understand how to effectively move forward. Whether through one-on-one coaching sessions, her self-help workbooks, or podcast appearances, Heather has dedicated her coaching practice to helping others identify what’s holding them back, properly classify their experiences, and authentically realign their focus to ensure success.

Originally from Indiana, Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Valparaiso University and later trained as a life coach via Light University.  She resides with her family in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. You can learn more about Heather at:

Heather Thompson