I was on Instagram scrolling around one day and saw a book that had the coolest cover. It was called “Abandon” by Tim Timberlake. When I was a little child, I used to travel down to North Carolina to see my great uncles and family members on my mother’s side. We would always attend Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor,NC every single time we were down there. I grew up hearing Tim’s father and mother bring forth the Word of God when I was a toddler. I remember hearing about when His father passed away from illness in the early 2000’s. His mother kept on teaching and leading the church down the years. Of course, as I became older, I was more focused on what was happening in my local area and lost touch of my childhood trips to NC. That all changed with Abandon. Even though I don’t know Tim personally, this book was a book that hit home for me.
I took this book with me on my way to Houston,TX. I read it in one sitting. That’s how good it was. I was trying to finish two other books but this one was the winner to Houston. The book is written with the foundation of the story of Jacob. I had often read the story of Jacob but the way Pastor Tim opens up the story, it’s one you will never forget.

11909262_1485748881752651_1853545943_nThe key idea is that abandoning your ways is ultimately how we walk in the will of God and what He has for us. Jacob was born with many traits that guided his entire way of life and thinking. He was born always trying to use his deceit in order to obtain good. However, what he did not realize was that God had better in store for him. We see that in the story of Jacob, God changed Jacob’s name to Israel the moment when Jacob abandoned who he thought he was for who God made him to be. In Pastor Tim Timberlake’s book, he shares personal memoirs of some of the most intimate challenges he went through to become the man he is today. He talked about the loss of his father to when their home was burned down and the idea of where is God in all of this. This book will definitely serve as a reminder that in order to get ALL of God, you must give up ALL of you for in Christ alone that is where you will find you He made you to be.

My honest review is that this book is an AMAZING gift for someone who is new to Christ OR has been sliding away from their faith or trying to live life their own way according to their own rules. I would without hesitation give away this book to someone who has been trying to do things against the will of God just like Jacob. It wasn’t as if Jacob didn’t know God. It was just that He hadn’t let go of his past and his complacency to leave who he had made HIMSELF to be.

I gave this book a 80% only because for myself I would only read this once being that for my spiritual level is past the “Abandon” stage. However, for a new believer in Christ or for someone who has walked away from God’s will, this could be rated 100%. Click the purchase link below to purchase Abandon by Pastor Tim Timberlake.

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