I know. It sounds crazy. It’s the truth though. Bill. Warren. Oprah. Beyonce. Sheryl. Sophia.
Anyone that you look up to who have made great strides in business eventually worked smarter not harder. I’ve seen many quotes that say “Beyonce or _____ has the same 24 hours as you” or something to that effect. We believe that if we negate sleep and “hustle” into the night that we will become successful. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

Point One: Wisdom and Application is what scales business not “hustle”.

It is a common fact that you have to work hard. We could talk all day but that isn’t something to applause or hand clap about. Hard work is the foundation. However, what happens past that? Past the networking, social media campaigns, great marketing strategies, ect. It’s the wisdom. The reason why many are frustrated when it comes to your business is that you’re discovering hard work isn’t enough. You have to get REALLY good at what you do and you have to make it appeal to enough people to turn your hobby into a business. Many business owners are working hard but their revenue stinks. Slaving into the night using the same techniques and strategies aren’t working anymore. It’s time to change the game plan. In order to do that you need to do the next step.

Point Two: Relationships and not just networking.

Who doesn’t love to network? If you’re a business owner or in corporate, networking is essential. Actually, everyone networks in some form or fashion. However, relationships are what build monumental partnerships. It places trust and builds something greater than just a handshake. You aren’t meant to connect with everyone. However, I truly believe in divine partnerships. I believe that there are people out there that have been “marked” as the keys to the next level in your business. Each level requires different relationships. You need to learn how to further your business beyond what you just see. You need to be with people who are thinking futuristically about the industry you are in.

Point Three: Scale, Sell, or Stay Where You Are (The Choice is Yours)

This is something that I’ve been talking about more and more. Not every business is meant nor created to scale. Every business is different. For instance the mom & pop shop that sells pizza down the street may never scale into a franchise. However, it wouldn’t hurt expanding to a few more locations. Maybe they don’t want to. It’s good to know what your end desire is and build it out from that. Many small biz owners that I know just want to make a few hundred grand as a “dream”. I know that because I look at how they work. They are working and building their business to stay as a small business with only a few employees. Watch how you’re building your business. Are you building it to grow or stay small forever? Do you want to be the one packaging all of the orders or just in one location or are you building with growth in mind. I believe that small businesses are the cornerstone of America’s economy. However, it’s important that we do learn how to scale our small into something that will last for a long time. Not every business has the goal to stay forever. Maybe your intention is to sell your company to a larger company. Is your company growing in that direction? Know what you want and grow it the way you have laid it out. Otherwise, you’ll stay in the same place forever. Who wants that?

Point Four: User Experience

The best companies in the marketplace have capitalized on ensuring that their customers/clients are having an awesome time. The greatest in business have learned how to give the customers what they want or create something that the customer doesn’t even think they need and turn it into an obsession. Learn how to do that. Learn how to make something people want and need in their lives. Businesses are meant to fill voids or create voids people don’t even know exist. That’s the goal. That’s how you build a business from a garage to a multi-billion dollar company. You create something that you’re good at and you work it until people can’t deny your greatness.

(Originally written for BusinessBabesOnline.com)

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