The 3 Ways to Begin Walking in Your Expertise

The 3 Ways to Begin Walking in Your Expertise

So you’re an expert. Now what? I’ve met many leaders who have years of experience in their field. However, they have never learned how to properly walk in their expertise as a speaker, consultant, coach, author, or other areas of influence. I want to give you the 3 ways that will help you to begin walking in your expertise. These keys will help you be consistent, effective, and strategic.

  1. Call Yourself An Expert: You would be surprised how many people claim to be something but don’t call themselves one. You have to call yourself an expert if you want people to see yourself as one. You have to make sure that your online platforms, professional bio, and more speaks of your expertise. It should be a consistent representation as well. So if I go to your social media and it says Parent, Lover of Food, and People and then I go to to your website and it reads: Expert of Haircare, ect. — it doesn’t align. One platform sounds personal while the other sounds professional. It should be consistent across the platforms. I suggest that if you do desire to have a personal platform that you have those as a separate account and not apart of the platforms that you promote.
  2. Showcase your Knowledge Online: Social Media is the perfect place to showcase your knowledge online through content. I advise picking one social media platform and providing amazing content that people can consume. Now before we get into the platforms, you need to realize that you need to do four things in order to maximize these platforms. You need to provide the content consistently, you need to provide quality content, you need to be strategic, and you need to be engaging. Many people don’t care about the content that they provide but you need to care. You need to provide good quality content because you are an expert. If you’re an expert, prove that you’re one with what you provide. You can pick the following platforms:
    1. YouTube: Video Content
    2. Instagram: Quotes & Video Content (Short & Long: IG TV)
    3. Facebook: Video & Written Content
    4. Twitter: Daily Quotes (Short Content)
    5. LinkedIn: Professional Written & Video Content (all experts should be on there)
  3. Package Your Expertise into 1 Product: Don’t be an expert without a product to sell or provide. Every expert should at minimum have an online or printed product in the form of a book, workbook, kit, or online course. Don’t have a way to NOT monetize speaking events, workshops, online presence, and more. There are so many people who claim to be experts but don’t have a way to package their knowledge through a product past the free knowledge and expertise you provide online as an expert. You have to display your knowledge. I’m teaching my masterclass on this on December 17th and if you haven’t gotten your seat, you need to get your seat today: click here

BONUS KEY: Build Your Connections and Network as An Expert: You can’t just call yourself an expert and sit in your office or house all day and night. You need to get out and introduce yourself as an expert. One of the best things you can do is use your LinkedIn as a professional social media platform to establish your professional expertise in the market that you serve. Connect with other experts on LinkedIn and do the following things: Write and Share articles surrounding your expertise, Connect with other experts and connect with them via personal message, and comment on other expert’s content and be sure to find a few people within the comment to make a connection with. Corporations are looking for expert speakers for seminars, workshops, conferences, summits, and more. Why not put yourself out there as an expert or do you desire to hide? It’s time to shine. Outside of LinkedIn, network in person at networking events, conferences, and more. People should see you and know you and know what you do without being confused. 

  1. “He is the one who builds lead generating websites for startup businesses.”
  2. “She is the one who is an expert at natural hair care and styling.”
  3. “He is the one who teaches teachers how to build easy to follow lesson plans for their classrooms.”
  4. “She is the one who teaches boutique owners how to grow their business.”

In short, it should be easy for people to remember who you are and what you do. You want people to be able to put you into a box. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a VERY good thing. Them putting you into a box isn’t placing a limitation on you. It’s instead doing this — making it easy for people to know and remember what it is that you do. 

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How to Develop a Winning Plan for Live Streaming + FREE Live Stream Template

How to Develop a Winning Plan for Live Streaming + FREE Live Stream Template

It’s time to grip fear and go live. Your voice creates a sound for your tribe that they need to hear. How will that happen if you don’t develop a consistency in your lives. But wait! What about a format to follow? What do you say first? What do you say second? How do you close the live? When do you pitch your products/services? What if I say too much?

So let’s first take a deep breath. You’re going to survive this. Luckily I’ve provided for you a great downloadable that you can use when you do your lives. I call it my Live Stream Script. You can use it to keep your bullet points, products/services to highlight, and more right in front of you. Even as someone who has done livestreams for more than 5 years, I still find myself using this (especially to keep within a time limit). It can be really easy to talk past your time limit (when you really love what you’re talking about). You’ll find it at the bottom of this article. Now let’s get into these tips and strategies.

Step One: Create a Winning Start

  1. Make sure to name your live something people can understand
  2. Tell your audience in advance of your live with the time and topic
  3. You can also pick a set day that you go live consistently so that it makes it easy for people to remember when you start streaming
  4. FB & YouTube: Make sure the description includes a link to the product/service/call to action you will pitch during the live
  5. IG: Post your topic & link then pin the comment before you go full into the topic

Step Two: Develop a Winning Intro

  1. Welcome everyone onto your livestream
  2. Give them a call to action to show how excited they are to be joining on. Pick one of these things:
    • Drop their location
    • Tell them to say “hello”
    • Tell them to drop an emoji of your choice (I’m known as the fiery one so I could say the fire emoji)
  3. Tell them who you are and what you do (one sentence)
  4. Tell them what today’s topic is about

Step Three: Give a Winning Live

  1. ALWAYS set a time limit (strategic insight)
    • 15 Minute // 30 Minute // 60 Minute (Anything at 60 Minutes or Above is a Free Class/Masterclass/Virtual Event)
  2. Break down your live into applicable steps for people to follow (First, Second, Third)
  3. Give examples or personal stories to strengthen the live
  4. Let your personality shine during the notes

Step Four: Close and Give the Winning Pitch

  1. Close by reminding the audience of what you’ve taught them
    • Example: “Now let’s go over what we learned today. Number One, Number Two, ect.)
  2. Connect the live to a product/service to pitch them
    • Share about how today’s live connects to what you want them to do
  3. End the live and thank them for joining you and make sure they are apart of your email or text community and give them a call to action on how to join

Additional Tips

  1. When promoting both an email list and a product offer, you don’t want to share 5 links at the same time. Instead, I have a Link.tree account. I then take my link.tree custom url and I go to and turn that link into an easy to remember link such as: and that way all I have to do is promote one link every time. I like link.tree because it’s a way to direct people to one place to access several links. 
  2. When introducing yourself, come up with a fun slogan that makes it easy for people to remember you with. For instance, I’m the platform coach where I teach people how to package their passion.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t show up hard one day and then disappear and go ghost for two weeks. If you can’t do live streams, instead pre-record them and post them to your social media platforms.
  4. Record in a well-lit area and not the dark
  5. Turn your live streams into a way that your community can come together consistently and join in the experience. I call my community Boss Builders. Boss Builders are those who are followers and members of my tribe. What is your tribe called? Members become apart of my tribe by not just following me but also joining my email community. I tell them that when they join by email they get access to weekly strategies, articles delivered into their inbox, and more.

How to Begin Your Speaking Career

How to Begin Your Speaking Career

Speaking in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Geralda Larkins Innovate Summit.

You know that you’ve been given the gift of empowerment and translating knowledge into speaking. You are ready to become a speaker. How do you begin a career as a speaker? Let’s answer that today.

So we’re going to start with a very short answer to a question.

Question: How do you begin a career as a speaker?

Answer: You don’t.

Let’s run this back to my personal story as how I became a speaker. I didn’t start a speaking career. I just simply began speaking and helping others through my voice. The most successful speakers speak from experience and life. I want to give you 4 winning tips to expand your influence as a speaker if you want to travel the nation and world speaking to others.Become successful in an area of your life that you can speak on.

Tip #1: Become successful in an area of your life that you can speak on

Great speakers are made from great stories. They speak from experience. You need an area of experience you can offer your expertise in. Get what I did there? Speakers have the ability to take the listener from a starting place to an end place. You are guiding the listener on a journey. As a speaker, you also want to have diverse topics you can speak on within your area of expertise. Start speaking and put out content showing your expertise. Make sure the content is good and that you record in a well-lit area.

  • Start a YouTube Channel where you begin to share your insight on topics
  • Post video content on IG TV, Linkedin, FB Page sharing your insight
  • Update your Linkedin page to include your passion for speaking and be sure to share insightful encouragement on Linkein in regards to your expertise
We look exhausted. This was me after 4 weeks of leading a 2 hour training (per week) on Dropshipping 101 for small business owners. This was in Wilmington,DE and was sponsored through the Women’s Business Center.

Tip #2: Prepare yourself to be booked

A speaker has a voice. People should be able to hear your voice and connect it to a face and a name. This means that your website should contain a speaker page with the following things:

  • Once you begin to establish speaker engagements: Add photos from speaking engagements, testimonials, and logos from organizations and events you’ve spoken at
  • Speaker Reel – this is a video showing clips from speaking engagements and sharing testimonials from others who have heard you speak
  • Booking Form – Include information such as name, organization, date(s) and time of event, address, expected amount of attendees, topic that they wish for you to speak on, ect.
Speaking in Atlanta,GA at the Confessions of A CEO One-Day Experience by Ty Lewis.

Tip #3: Upsell Your Speaking with Products

Never go to a speaking engagement without a way to leverage it somehow. Speaking for free isn’t a career. That’s a hobby where you don’t want to be paid for your skillset and that’s not what we want to do. I am the crusader for packaging your passion. When you go to speaking events, have product that they can either invest in physically or digitally. Here are some speaking tips on monetizing your stage.

  • Use a text keyword system where you can provide a keyword for people to enter in order to receive a special deal in their seats. Example: “I’m so excited about being here and my team has prepared a special bundle deal just for you. Simply text “speaktoday” to 12345 to get the exclusive link.”
  • When you obtain a speaking engagement, ask if a table will be provided where you can sell your products/services. Make sure your table has a way where people can sign up for your email list to stay in touch with you. You can also use the text keyword idea to promote quick sign-ups. Make sure you have a nice vendor table along with a way to collect payment (PayPal or Square reader). If you have a Shopify store for your e-commerce, use the Shopify reader. If you offer services, membership, or other services be sure to have some postcards and reading material people can take with them so they can learn more about what you offer.
  • 24 hours after the event, enter the emails from the event into your email marketing or lead system and do follow-up. Don’t allow people to forget your presence. This is apart of great branding. Send an email thanking them for being apart of your speaking experience and then be sure to offer a next step for them to take action – purchasing a book, course, ect.

Tip #4: Make great relationships & become a better speaker

If you want to keep yourself in the zone of speaking, nurture great relationships. If you want friends, make yourself friendly. Introduce yourself and support other people’s events.

  • Join a professional networking group on Meetup and meet new people
  • Connect with organizations and see how you can speak to their employees, students, volunteers, ect.
  • Reach out to event hosts and learn how you can become a speaker. If they say that they don’t accept speaker requests, move to the next event host. Don’t get offended. Every event has their own process of how they select their speakers. Remember that relationship is everything.
  • Join a local Toastmasters club in your area to strengthen your speaking skills
  • Make genuine connections with people and find ways to collaborate and partner in order to expand your influence

I hope that these four starting tips will help you walk in a successful career as a speaker. More tips and strategies are coming soon. Did you find some insight from this article that you can use to grow your speaking career? Have some tips and more ideas to share? Share them below in the comment section and let’s discuss!

5 Easy Ways to Begin Building Family Legacy

5 Easy Ways to Begin Building Family Legacy

Family Legacy

Family legacy isn’t built overnight. It’s built by intention with deliberate steps to ensure success. I wanted to share five ways to begin focusing on family success and legacy.

By definition, what is legacy?

Definition #1: a thing handed down by a predecessor

Definition #2: an amount of money or property left to someone in a will

So in a nutshell it’s things by definition. However, my extended definition is that legacy is leaving a lifestyle. It’s not just a materialistic one. It’s something that focuses on physical, spiritual, and life values. Everyone has a legacy and will leave one behind. How do we ensure that it’s successful?

  1. Set Family Goals: Here are some questions to consider when it comes to leaving a legacy
    1. What do we value as a family?
    2. What are our goals for this year as a family?
    3. How will we reach those goals?
    4. What do we need to improve on as a family?
    5. How can our communication with one another improve?
  2. Establish Family Meetings: Family meetings are essential to family growth. When you look at successful families, they don’t move as individuals. They move as one unit. My father and mother helped us to begin flowing as one unit when we had our very first family meeting when we were in our early pre-teens. A family meeting isn’t just getting around the dinner table and talking about their day. Remember that legacy is based in intention. Click here to read an article I wrote here talking further about family meetings.
  3. Have open conversations about money and everyone’s current financial status: Having great credit is amazing but a high net worth is the next step. How do you increase your net worth? Ownership. No one should be left in the dark when it comes to the financial health of a family. Financial literacy is key to a healthy financial legacy. No one should be negligent of financial growth principles. When I was very young my brother and I had our own financial investment accounts and we had stock purchased in our name. We both had 529 college saving plans established well before we even thought about college. Education is the key to family legacy. The more you know, the more you will grow. If you have younger children, you can start them out with the basics of savings and how to invest their money. I’ll be doing some videos soon on how to teach your children the basics of telling their money where to go. At this current time for them, they should understand financial stewardship. Teach them what money is and what it’s used for. When I was little, I would go to the supermarket with my mother and she would pull money out of her envelopes (she used the envelope saving system) and use it to buy groceries. That was how I learned about the B-Word: “budget”. I saw her set aside money for bills and I watched her write out checks. She showed me how she filled out checks and what went on each line.
  4. Keep everyone connected, no matter how far apart everyone goes: As a family, we stay connected. Our immediate family is now three generations and will in two decades be four generations. No matter what, we stay connected. Through group texts and family meetings (via phone or video calls), we stay connected. We grow as one unit. We remain as one unit. It’s easy to start making excuses for why you can’t meet, why you can’t do meetings, and more. However, excuses don’t build legacy. If family means anything to you, make time to meet. If it can’t be in person, there is technology.
  5. Make time for family love and encouragement: As a family the principle of love should be apart of your legacy. This means taking time to embrace one another and lift each other up. As a family, we are a Christian family so we include prayer time, reflection, and discussions so that we aren’t just prospering financially but also spiritually. Money means nothing without purpose and values. We aren’t doing all that we do for our own selfish gain. We discuss how we can help others, impact our communities, and get involved in ministry efforts. Our family does activities where we openly affirm one another and thank each other for an action that they did. (Example: I want to thank you for running out and picking up milk for the house. That was very sweet of you and I love how you made sure the house was covered.) You would be surprised how far a little “thank you” goes. It will go miles. Many times we are so used to being together that we take each other for granted.

Here are three resources for you to invest in to help grow your family legacy:

  1. (Our Family Favorite) Book – Family Wealth by James E. Hughes Jr.
  2. (For Parents of Young Children) – Boundaries for Kids by Dr.Henry Cloud
  3. (How I first learned about financial stewardship) – Money Matters for Kids by Larry Burkett

(Please note that affiliate links have been placed within this blog. This is just a nice way of rewarding me for sharing these golden nuggets with you. When you purchase with these links, you support me & the content I provide.)

Do What He Said

Do What He Said

Obeying God

I was on the phone with a coaching client yesterday afternoon and I began to pour out to her about my beginnings in ministry. I told her to embrace the process of establishing your track record. This is the most important thing that many people despise because everyone wants to blow up and be seen. The problem with this is that this hinders us from establishing that track record.

I remember waking up the first day that I got in front of that online camera back in October 2012. No one was doing what I was doing in online ministry at least in any capacity that matched mine. I’m not saying that I was the very first woman in online ministry to do Google Hangouts. Not at all. However, online streaming via video wasn’t BIG yet. We didn’t have Instagram Live, Periscope, or Facebook Live. However, I knew that this was something that I should partake in. I began streaming live on YouTube on a consistent basis to a crowd of 0 people. No that is not a typo. That is the real number. Then the number grew but probably not to the number you were thinking about. It grew to about 5 consistent strangers.

I didn’t have the mindset of most. You see I was home by myself on a daily basis with no people supporting me around me. I didn’t have a mentor at the time because no one was doing online streaming via YouTube at that time. So I just decided to jump right in. I kept on being consistent because the way people would find me would be by my track record. They would find me by watching the video that was my first video wearing a geometric dress and berry colored lipstick with my young face.

I didn’t go live in front of that camera because I wanted to be seen. I got in front of that camera because I knew what God told me to do. That’s how simple my conviction was. How simple is your conviction? You see many of us overcomplicate us doing what God told us to do. We have 300 things in the way and we just need to look straight at the target – the assignment at hand. If your life is too cluttered to do what God asked you to do, that is a problem that you need to observe immediately.

We just need to do what He said – at least the first step and watch Him unfold the rest. We don’t know the rest of the picture. We don’t know all of God’s plans. You need to let go wanting to know everything at all times. God doesn’t work like that because He requires trust. You need to trust Him. That’s the real problem at hand. This is a trust issue with us having full confidence even when we can’t see the full picture. You’ve got to just get started.

It’s time to get started and build our track records. The people are coming but we need to start laying the foundation so that when they come, they have something to come to. God told Noah to build an ark. The flood was coming. The animals needed somebody to be the solution to the flood that would cover the earth. Noah didn’t wait until the flood came because what he was building would need to be built before it would come to the earth.
Stop waiting until the people come to get things in order. Your faith is seen when you do things in advance of the things you can see.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

The Bible says in the Book of Hebrews that faith is literally the substance of that which we hope for. Substance can be also seen as “matter” or something that you can touch. What does this mean for us? Faith isn’t faith unless there is substance set forth in the earth. You’ve got to do something in order for faith to manifest. 

It’s time to work.

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