I grew up knowing that the world was mine. Over the course of my K-12 years of school, I became a very focused kid. I knew that great things were ahead of me. I was soon on my way to Spelman College with a focus in Psychology Pre-Med. I wanted to focus in Osteopathic medicine. I thought that I had all my cards in place. Then in 2012, my life changed. Our family faced a storm that would change my life forever and would place me on the path that God had for me. In 2012, I came home from Spelman and stepped into the role of a businesswoman.  At the age of 19 years old, I represented my family and ran the family business along with the help of the amazing staff. I was a 19-year-old who was assuming the position of leadership well past my experience. At first, I did not think that I could handle the pressures of leading at such a level. However, God was placing me in an environment where I would interact with my destiny – entrepreneurship. It was through that point in my life where I learned what it really meant to be an entrepreneur, including the spiritual significance of owning a business. I became sharper and developed skills that would soon turn into separate business ventures down the road. What the enemy meant to wipe me out, God declared that “in spite of” what I was facing, victory would be my portion.


That same year, during the winter, God gave me a ministry that would change my life. He told me to start a women’s ministry using the internet. Now back in 2012, there were online ministries but I didn’t have a model to follow or someone who I could talk to who had done what I was about to do. I followed the voice of God and launched Girls of Royalty. Only a few months later at the top of 2013, God told me to begin teaching online. I began researching and surfing the internet and came across Google Hangouts where they had begun allowing accounts to stream live. I had not seen online ministries including live streaming video via YouTube but I knew what God said. At the current time, I was teaching to at most 5 people who would tune in to watch. God also began to pour into me the gift of teaching. I began to write monthly studies that women began downloading. At the end of 2013, God told me it was time to attach myself to women who were also passionate for women around the world. That’s when God grew the platform from 5 to 5,000 and then from 5,000 to now over 10,000 women (now including teen and young girls) in the course of six years using the internet and social media.


After 2012, I stepped down from the family business and became a full-time entrepreneur. I first launched GigiCreates, a small freelance business where I did graphic and web design. I had no idea about pricing structures, funnels, or how to scale a service-based business. What did I do? I researched and I tried over and over again. I was horrible but I kept on going. From there, I expanded my knowledge and began to provide tips on how to monetize and grow a community based on the strategies I used in the family business and in ministry to my design clients. Not only did the tips work but I began being called on to provide further expertise outside of design. That’s when I expanded my efforts and began consulting and coaching. GigiCreates soon became Genesis Digital Agency in 2014 and now has become GlamPrintGo extending its services to include e-commerce and dropshipping solutions.

Back in 2016, I got into e-commerce through a friend and was introduced to dropshipping and Shopify. I did a video in September 2016 that went viral reaching 28,000+ views. That’s when things changed and I began to dive deeper into online stores and how to grow communities for retail and online e-commerce via social media, influencers, and more. After consulting and coaching other business owners, in 2017, I finally opened Gigi Taught Me, an online e-commerce store for women with Eden 22, a store for men, following in February 2018. Throughout my journey, I knew that I had a gift from God. God gave me these skills in order to teach others how to not just monetize but to also do ministry through their business. I launched this platform back in 2014 with the goal to further my impact and help as many future, budding, and current entrepreneurs understand how to truly win in business.

My mentor told me in a private business workshop…

“You’re in business to win. If you’re not in it to win, get out now.”

I want to win and want you to win as well. I now travel the world consulting, coaching, and speaking to men and women on business and Christian-based entrepreneurship. I’ve authored books, workbooks, teachings, online courses & classes, retreats, and more.

In a nutshell, I am Genesis Dorsey. I am the girl who became a woman through experiencing entrepreneurship when she didn’t ask for it. God gave me the world of business as a purpose and a tool to impact others. I now have the honor to help you do the same through your business and gifts. 

Thank you for reading my story. I’ve done some pretty cool stuff throughout my life and have launched some awesome initiatives. Below you’ll find all the links to connect with what God placed in my heart to birth. Excited to connect with you further as I help you build what God has placed in your heart.



GenesisDorsey.com provides coaching, classes, and consulting for business and ministry leaders looking to build their platform, grow their community, and monetize their community with digital and physical products.


Girls of Royalty was founded in 2012 and is an online women’s ministry reaching over 10,000 women from across the world. GOR provides biblical teaching and resources to help women walk by faith and focus on their purpose in Christ.


GlamPrintGo is a service-based business focusing on helping experts turn their knowledge into a business by packaging it into a platform and products. GlamPrintGo helps their customers with websites, online courses, planner + journal creation, books, workbooks, and more.


Genesis Dorsey is a business consultant, coach, and speaker that helps experts package their knowledge into a scalable business. She focuses on teaching them how to build their knowledge based platform, build their tribe, and create scaleable products and services.

In 2012, she launched an online women’s ministry platform Girls of Royalty that grew to impact over 10,000 women including state chapters, monthly meet ups, and more. In 2014, Genesis stepped out to become a graphic and web designer and grew that company to what it is today — GlamPrintGo. GlamPrintGo now services leaders around the world, focusing on product development, design, and consulting. In 2014, she also launched her personal brand, GenesisDorsey.com which now reaches over 22,000 leaders in both ministry and business via trainings, live events, and coaching programs. In January 2020, she launched Print School. Print School is an online platform that teaches individuals how to launch their own planner, journal, or print on demand apparel business. She has now surpassed over 8,000 individuals who are apart of this community and it’s just getting started with helping people worldwide launch the business of their dreams.

Genesis is a passionate woman with several platforms including being apart of a family business focused in education. Genesis has worked with businesses, experts, and corporate leaders from all over the world. Genesis is the author & creator of several books, courses, programs, and more that cater to helping people become the best they were made to be in both business and life. She currently resides in Delaware with her dog Ziv.


Genesis Dorsey has a passion for connecting people to one another and to God. As a woman just in her 20’s, she has already established herself as a powerful connecting force in Branding and Ministry. As a serious advocate for connecting God with Business, she began her passion with graphic design as a teenager helping support her local church and update their look to the world. Her desire was to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become the next psychologist in their family. However, God had other plans. She graduated high school from Red Lion Christian Academy in 2010. She then pursued a Psychology degree at Spelman College in Atlanta,GA. In the year of 2012, she left Spelman and returned back to Delaware to help run a family business. However, it was not under regular circumstances. In the beginning of 2012, her family experienced a life defining faith fight.

It was here that Genesis came to a major crossroad that would turn her into the woman that she is today. At the age of 19, she took over the family business and gave it a fresh look, doing all she could with limited knowledge and expertise. However, out of necessity, she began to learn how to hold the ropes and guide a business that had already been in existence for over 10 years with staff & faculty. At only the age of 20 years old mixed with her thirst for growth, The DaySchool for Children grew to waiting list capacity and now is in works to launch 3 new locations within 3 years. It was out of this, that her true purpose was birthed. God began to reveal to her what impact she would have on the Kingdom of God, including businesses that she never even knew she was meant to serve. Genesis began to develop a more intimate relationship with God which cultivated her desire to reach adults and youth around the world.

In October 2012, she created Girls of Royalty, a Christian Ministry-Based Network for women of all ages and races. Through Girls of Royalty, Genesis began to mold and develop her strategies into helping others walk by faith. Before streaming was popular, Genesis started live streaming bible studies in her home prompted by a leading of the Holy Spirit. She then began to create downloadable study guides for women matched with powerful teachings every month. Girls of Royalty began with a few members and now has over 10,000 women within its network with ages ranging from 18 to 65. In 2017, Girls of Royalty hosted its conference, Bloom Arise, where members came from across the nation to celebrate one another and their love for God. Girls of Royalty continues to be a source for inspiration for women across not just the nation but the world.

In 2014, she realized that many businesses and personal brands did not have the correct strategy to build up their online and in-person presence because God and original creativity was missing from the center. In April of that year, she opened up a design and brand company that helped clients realize and unwrap their God-given potential and turned them into brands that make a powerful impact for the Glory of God. She began to help churches, speakers, organizations, businesses, and corporations understand how to create honest and engaging brands. After proving her fruit and her expertise, Genesis began to build her personal brand, GenesisDorsey.com, in 2016. This opened up coaching and consulting experiences to entrepreneurs and ministry leaders looking to build their reach to the masses. This created an entirely new avenue for her and brought her to serve and speak to leaders around the country. Not only that but it allowed her to touch people in more intimate ways. She is the author of several books and workbooks such as Boss Builder, Led to Lead, and Faith & Glass Slippers.

In the beginning of 2017, she launched a community of women in leadership called Led to Lead focusing on spiritual leadership for Christian Women. Led to Lead held a virtual conference for hundreds of women focusing on natural and spiritual leadership principles. That community has now been transformed into a yearly summit called The Good Fight. The Good Fight Annual Summit builds up Christian female leaders in joy-based living while also providing them with natural winning strategies to build their God-given vision.

She has coached over 1,200 Entrepreneurs and ministry leaders to success that include countless testimonials and a legacy now of hundreds of families that have built a succession line within entrepreneurship. She continues to serve the family business as the Admissions & Marketing Director. She also serves as the creative director at Revival Fellowship Church, where her parents are the pastors. She has been serving in leadership since 2007. Through the years, she has served as the creative director leading volunteers and staff to help push the ministry’s vision through social media, web, and communications. She now serves as the leader of the Young Adult Ministry and also helps in the creation and structure of the countless ministry events that have helped people walk with Christ. With her creativity, she has also helped spur a movement of entrepreneurship within their local body that has birthed out authors, speakers, and retail & service based businesses.

With a collective movement of over 20,000 leaders, she is focused on helping people win in life and in the marketplace. Her efforts are just the beginning to setting forth a legacy built in faith.