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When I started my first brand, I struggled to find help. Not just help though. I struggled to find people who could help me who knew what I was experiencing. Ever since then, I vowed that I would help other women learn the things that I wish someone taught me when launching my first brand. Since then, I’ve started and helped countless women grow their businesses and ministries from the ground up. Every excuse you can think of, we’ve squashed it. 

I help women make money doing what they love. I coach & teach them on how scale their dreams.
— Genesis Dorsey



FOUNDER OF LED TO LEAD & host of led to lead conference





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Genesis Dorsey has a passion for connecting people to one another and to God. As a woman just in her early 20's, she has already established herself as a powerful connecting force in Branding and Ministry. As a serious advocate for connecting God with Business, she began her passion with graphic design as a teenager helping support her local church and update their look to the world. Her desire was to follow in her mother's footsteps and become the next psychologist in their family. However, God had other plans. She graduated high school from Red Lion Christian Academy in 2010. She then pursued a Psychology degree at Spelman College in Atlanta,GA. In the year of 2012, she left Spelman and returned back to Delaware to help run a family business. However, it was not under regular circumstances. In the beginning of 2012, her parents were wrongly accused of tax fraud and indicted and sent away to prison.

It was here that Genesis came to a major crossroad that would turn her into the woman that she is today. At the age of 19, she took over the family business and gave it a fresh look, doing all she could with limited knowledge and expertise. However, out of necessity, she began to learn how to hold the ropes and guide a business that had already been in existence for over 10 years. It was out of this frightful situation, that her true purpose was birthed. God began to reveal to her what impact she would have on the Kingdom of God, including businesses that she never even knew she was meant to serve. Genesis began to develop a more intimate relationship with God which cultivated her desire to reach women and youth around the world. In October 2012, she created Girls of Royalty, a Christian Ministry-Based Network for women of all ages and races. Through Girls of Royalty, Genesis began to mold and develop her strategies into helping others and connecting people to a brand. In 2014, she realized that many businesses and personal brands did not have the correct strategy to build up their image because God and original creativity was missing from the center. In April of that year, she opened up, GigiCreates (which later became Genesis Digital Agency), a design and brand company that helped clients realize and unwrap their God-given potential and turned them into brands that make a powerful impact for the Glory of God. She began to help churches, speakers, organizations, businesses, and corporations understand how to create honest and engaging brands. Genesis is one of the youngest leaders and creative strategists in the industry that seeks to help people understand that with God at the center, your dream and your goals are destined to become a reality.

She continues to serve within the family business in every capacity that is needed. On her days off, she is heavily involved as the creative director at her local church where her parents are the pastors. Her motto is: It's all about Jesus and People.