According to Social Media Today, there are over 2 billion active users on social media and the user base has increased by 176 million since last year. The harvest is enormous in terms of souls that can be won and encouraged by the word of God. However, we must be strategic and purposeful. Online platforms, if not used with a purpose, will be used for another man’s purpose that won’t promote the light of God. Here are some of the major platforms right now in the social media space.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. SnapChat
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube
  7. Periscope

Now before we jump into the 7 keys, I need to clear the air. I am not saying that you turn your social media account into a 24/7 Bible Marathon. However, what I’m suggesting is that you use your outlets to encourage and inspire a broken world. Many people claim, “Social media isn’t real life.” However, due to social media, people have been bullied and have committed suicide due to this world that we claim is “not real.” Employees are now even fired over things that they post to their social media accounts. For us to think that whatever we post on social media is separate from who we are is almost naive. People are looking and it’s time we give them something to see that will change their world.

Matthew 24:14 says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  (ESV)

Over the centuries, the limitations to the gospel of Jesus Christ being spread have been depleted the more technology increases. We have the opportunity to share Jesus without even having to move. Your cell phone, computer, and tablet provide you with access to talk about your faith. Let’s jump into our 7 Keys to Spread the Gospel on Social Media!


God desires for us to live a life where our message of the Gospel isn’t being compromised or degraded due to our own thoughts and actions. For instance, on Facebook you’re extremely vocal of your faith but on Instagram, no mention of God. We’re not saying that mentioning God makes you a Christian. However, not mentioning Him would make me question if you believe in evangelism and other people knowing Him. Don’t allow one profile to present you in one light and another platform present you in another. If you are who you say you are, your message should be consistent.


Transparency is one of the greatest tools for spreading the gospel. When it comes to social media evangelism, as I call it, remember that humans connect to humans. So share how people can overcome tests and trials in their lives. I remember posting on my Instagram about how I used to struggle with the idea of being successful to people and not God. I shared on how God didn’t value me, on how successful I was in the world.

He valued me because He loved me for me. It was a very transparent moment and I knew that by sharing what I was facing it would help others come to that realization. I also did a Periscope about this same topic and people told me how much it blessed them. Sharing your testimony and what you’ve been through not only touches those who are not saved but it also encourages those that are in relationship with Jesus Christ.


Each social media platform was created with a purpose in mind. Facebook has the greatest diversity of content. Everything else is simply a breakdown of individual or duo mediums. Pinterest has graphics. Twitter’s medium is text. Periscope & YouTube’s content focuses on videos. Instagram has SnapChat has photos and videos. Figure out what platforms you like the best.

For myself, I like Twitter to share my short thoughts of encouragement. I use Instagram to share pictures of my life, faith, and encouraging quotes about my faith in God. I use Facebook to connect with people personally and to share encouraging messages that are longer in length. I also have just started using YouTube to share encouraging videos every Saturday via my channel. Do you have to use all of these platforms? Not at all! However, if you’re going to be on social media, you might as well share your faith!


As much as I love to see people’s pages filled with quotes and inspiration from other people, I love to see what they believe personally. I challenged myself this year to share the revelations and wisdom that God was giving me personally to the world. Sometimes our wisdom isn’t really ours. It’s just what we’ve heard other people.

What do you personally believe about God’s love? How about faith? How does the Word of God encourage you when you’re going through? I challenge you to use these short prompt questions as a foundation for the next tweet or post that you share. I post quotes 3-5 on my Instagram and Facebook Page with things that God lays on my heart to share. Sometimes I don’t think that it will help others but God will use your words to touch other’s lives!


This is a huge issue because some people think that Christians don’t live normal lives. On my social media profiles, people get to see that I’m a human being just like them with all sorts of things going on in my life. Now, I don’t put my entire life on display because you must have discernment. However, by looking at my social media profile, you will see that I enjoy life, food, old movies, and I love Jesus. Also, the topics that I discuss on my social media profiles range from being a single woman to the Holy Spirit and prayer. So enjoy taking your selfies and sharing your favorite drink from Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.


As a creative director that has worked with social media teams and experts for events, churches, and brands, the social media space is growing rapidly. From pastors doing behind-the-scenes talks to everyday people sharing their faith, my Periscope has become an encouragement platform. With new platforms like Blab, the opportunity for online streaming bible studies with no external software needed is awesome. Social Media has helped grow online-based ministries and cultivate the impact even here at Unashamed Impact. It has really leveled the playing field for who can share the gospel.

You don’t need a large budget. All you need is access to the Internet and an email address to open up an account on social media. Some of you have a personal call to certain things such as empowering singles, married couples, those who battle with addiction, or maybe it’s to uplift by doing certain missions trips, etc. Whatever you’ve been called to do, know that social media can help get the word out! Word of Mouth is now not just physical but also through the web. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a cause, item, or brand on social media and I’ve tagged a friend underneath the post or shared it on my timeline. Know your vision


For those of you who are focused on expanding your reach of the gospel on social media, here are some resources. I encourage social media lovers to check out It is a resource rich platform that shares the latest in social media. From new updates to changes, it will keep you current on what’s happening in this arena. Has God laid something on your heart to share on social media but you don’t have the time to be on as much? Use scheduler apps like Buffer (free) to pre-schedule your posts for Facebook and Twitter.

Buffer will post for you so you can spread the gospel without the social media aspect burdening you. For Instagram, I encourage people with only one account to use TakeOff or Latergramme. If you are looking to share the gospel on a larger scale, check out apps like Schedugram, Hootsuite Pro, or Autogrammer. These software programs have helped ministries and people spread the gospel on a larger scale without it consuming or taking them away from the actual aspect of evangelizing. You never want the task of scheduling to ruin the actual mission, which is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The fact is that social media is making how people connect to God’s word transformative. Social Networks like GroupMe have become places for people to hold chat based bible studies. I’ve used YouTube along with Google Hangouts to stream Online Bible Studies. There really isn’t any limit on what you can do for God so out and spread the gospel!

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