Hello amazing people!
Well it’s time that we had a little talk about Instagram.

Yes. We know that it’s become a HUGE way of gaining an audience, customers, and loyal fans. However, here are some tips & updates for you to keep in mind!

1. Should personal accounts & business accounts be as one?

It depends on your brand. If you are your brand then it can work. However, be careful how “real” you keep it on your business accounts. Some things shouldn’t be shared for your own good and privacy. All business accounts should be PUBLIC unless there is a specific reason why. Keep your personal account locked or unlocked. However, it’s really crazy when I want to see a product and their IG account is private. You just lost me as a customer. You now have given the customer the expectation that they are going to remember your brand so much to check back to see if you accepted their request.

2. What should be in my Instagram Bio?

Awesome Question! Keep it real and keep it short! Your bio should be able to answer the following… 1) Who are you? 2) What do you do? 3) How can I get in contact with you?

If we’re talking about this from a business account/personal brand standpoint, every bio should have a link. If you don’t have a website, think about setting up an About.me page or adding a link to another social media page like your Facebook or Twitter so that people can connect further. If you are working on a site launch, think about adding your email marketing sign-up form link.

3. How do I build my followers?

This is something that is a tricky one. Would you rather have people that added to your count or people that added to your pockets? The goal is to reach your targeted demographic. Awareness is how you build up your followers. Think about collaborating with other IG accounts for features, giveaways, ect. Stop asking people to shout you out. That’s lazy. Also, using hashtags that fit your market is a great way to create some buzz around your posts. Don’t go overboard but do think about the best ones to add as the caption to your photos. Also, people will follow you if you have something they think is beneficial.

4. How do I create a beautiful profile?

Photography is the beauty of Instagram. However, it depends on how you want to use your account. I personally am investing in a camera and will be turning my IG account into a more photography focused account. Use the captions to say what you desire. The worst types of accounts are the ones where there are barely any pictures unless your account is one of motivational wall quotes. However, I suggest that you mix it up (a few quotes here with some pictures sprinkled throughout the week). Also, do a spring cleaning of your profile every now and then and get rid of content that doesn’t align to your brand anymore.

5. Is there any such thing as Instagram Manners?

This is important for you and your customers/followers. Be sure to establish boundaries. If you do or don’t allow people to send questions via DM, make sure that is stated along with where they can send questions. I was in the Business Babes IG account a few days ago and I was looking at our DM message requests (over 100). One young woman asked us to give her a shout out because we were a brand that supported women. I felt so bad for her because that’s not how you pitch yourself as far as being promoted. Contact us via email with a proper introduction about you and your brand. All of this goes for your brand as well. Don’t DM people asking personal questions about their business or about collab opportunities. Send an email! It’s very important to be professional even on social media. Now as far as certain questions, I will answer them on the ‘gram. However, you won’t find someone interviewing me for their magazine in my comment section. No bueno.

6. Can I Have Fun on Instagram?

This is probably my #1 rule! Be sure to make your Instagram profile fun and inviting. Spice it up with some humor and let people get to know the people behind the brand. People want to connect to people. The human touch is so vital and essential to branding. Have fun with your pages and make some real and amazing connections! Instagram has blessed me in so many ways, I couldn’t even count. I met my best friend off of Instagram and my ministry blew up almost overnight due to this platform. This is the same app that connected me to new customers, opportunities, and connections just off of a “tag” or a mention.

(Originally written for BusinessBabesOnline.com)

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