People are always asking me about how did I convert my followers on social media into clients, customers, and loyal fans. That’s an awesome question and I wanted to dive into this topic before I go into it heavier in March. Here are five tips to get started building your tribe.
1.  Make It Clear What You Do

The worst thing to have is a confused presence. I bring creativity and strategy to Business & Ministry. I recently refreshed my tagline to make it even clearer. After answer the “What”, go into the “How”. I bring creativity and strategy through technology and design implementation including organizational systems to make sure these target goals are reached. You should be able to explain what you do in under 2 minutes. However, it shouldn’t be so broad that you sound like what you do can be done by everybody.

2.  Be Professional but Be Yourself

Social Media should reflect your reality. I know many people fake it. However, try to keep what you do as real as possible by being yourself. Your social media and online website should reflect who you are and what you’re passionate about. On the same level, you will never attract a tribe if you are all over the place in mindset and deed. Depending on your craft and what you look to be, be careful of what you say and how you say it. Some posts are extremely personal and should be kept off of social media. Never try to attack someone on social media using your platform that would discredit your own character and keep any beef or personal drama off of your feed. In the words of a famous teenage girl who was on Dr.Phil recently, “Catch Me Outside. How about that?”. If you have any beef, take it outside and not on social media. Leaders know how to correctly manage their emotions. People are looking to follow someone they can look up to and not down on.

3.  Be A Resource

Believe it or not, everyone who has a massive following is a resource. You probably would be surprised to know that Kim Kardashian is actually a real resource. Even people who may have very side eye professions are providing a resource. Any time you give your tribe what they need, they see you as a resource, good or bad. For my tribe, they come to me for business and ministry advice. However, I don’t cover everything when it comes to business and ministry. I cover leadership and the creative and startup realm of business and ministry. You’ll notice that most of my tools and resources address those aspects. No matter what, make sure you give your tribe what they need and want. Keep the content coming in various ways.

4.  Convert Like Crazy

A real tribe converts into coins. What’s the point of followers if they don’t support you in the end? In my opinion, people invest what they truly believe in. I don’t care what anyone says. Will you buy my book? Will you get the knowledge that has the price tag on it? My social media & website platforms are to provide free help via my blog, podcast, challenges, and webinars, and have that convert into paid coaching, paid consultations, paid webinars, and books being sold. Make it easy for people to purchase your items and please have an email list. It’s 2017. You should know how many true supporters you have. Email Marketing is still alive and well.

5.  Remember That It Isn’t A Sprint

Stop sprinting as a business owner. You’ll remain just a hobby and you won’t build a tribe. Building a tribe is a lifetime thing. It took me three years to get to where I am now and people have been following me for those three years. I am about dedicating myself to writing and providing resources. Don’t go hard for 30 days and then stop providing help to people. Continuously show up and show out. I’m working on providing three major webinars this year and I’ve already received hundreds of people for my first one of this year. I’m working on providing challenges all this year and collaborations to help my tribe. Your tribe consists of real people. Like I said before, give them what they want. They are waiting on you!


Want to dive deeper into tribe building, don’t worry. I have a 31 Day Challenge coming in March for $31 that is going to transform how you build your tribe. Interested? Email my team at [email protected] and we’ll add you onto the list before the crowd fills up these seats.

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