WordPress has been a blessing to my life. Being that WordPress works differently than most popular website builders, I’m a blogger who depends on plugins to enhance my site. For those of you who love to blog and write and more, here are some of my favorite plugins for this month. I’ll be highlighting more each month.
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1. Image Widget

This is the easiest plugin for adding graphics to the sidebar as people scroll down and read my articles. It also makes all images responsive which is a great plus. Remember that the goal is that your website is responsive in all areas so that mobile and tablet users have a great experience on your site.



2. QuickieBar

I get asked ALL the time about the top sticky bars that are on all three sites of Girls of Royalty, my own website, and Girls of Royalty’s teen ministry, Branded Teens. It helps me promote whatever my main focus is on my site. It also shows simple analytics. It will present how many people have seen it and how many people actually clicked on it. Knowing the difference between these two are very important. You want to have as high of a conversion rate as possible.



3. Seriously Simple Podcasting

When I decided to do Jesus & People Nation’s podcast, I needed an easy plugin that would help me put this podcast into motion in the easiest way possible. Seriously Simple Podcasting does this in the quickest way possible. It only took me about 10 minutes to set everything up including graphics for the podcast and providing the info. You do need to have at least one podcast already done and imported into the site in order to submit the podcast to iTunes for it to be placed there. However, this podcasting plugin has worked for me tremendously. It also provides a player for people to listen to the podcast right on the site and also download the podcast if they desire.



4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is without a doubt the most effective and inexpensive way to setup your own online store including e-downloads. The e-download version is what I will be using the most as I prepare for the Holiday Season. However, you can sell tickets for events, sermons, music tracks, files, and more. There really isn’t any limit to this. I think that people really underestimate the power of WooCommerce because it isn’t the easiest to dive in. However, that is a blessing because it has so many options that it is a very powerful system. WooCommerce with some additional plugins by YITH, you can do gift coupons, wish lists, and more. You can build the perfect e-commerce solution. I currently use WooCommerce for my online boutique called Gigi over at YouNeedGigi.com!


5. WordPress Editorial Calendar

What I love the most about the WordPress Editorial Calendar is the ability to schedule out content over an entire year’s period. For those of you who have a media based platform such as a blog or news platform, the WordPress Editorial Calendar is a must have! We use it as the planning calendar for our entire blogging team over at Girls of Royalty. I also use it personally so that I can layout what I’ll be writing for the coming weeks and months. This is vital to having a great platform that delivers consistent content.

So which plugin do you love the most? Are there any that you will put into use on your website?




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