1. It’s a body/community of people who want to please God and allow Him to work through them.
  2. The Word comes alive through weekly meetups, connect groups, services, bible studies, and more.
  3. It’s an outlet for creative expression and biblically-based insight when you’re going through a valley.
  4. The free cookouts and refreshments come in handy when the mints at the bottom of your purse/backpack aren’t cutting it.
  5. You don’t feel alone in this walk with Christ. There’s nothing worse than being alone. You can call someone. You can send a text. When I went through my storms and the ones that I still face, I have a community who not only has my back naturally but also spiritually. Prayer is something you can never take for granted.
  6. There’s a group of older believers who have walked this thing longer than you have. Just two words from them seems to change your whole life. You can’t get that sitting at home on your couch.
  7. Access to free classes and resources. I took a financial class on debt and budgeting. Also, by volunteering for particular ministries you can learn how to develop your gifts. I became a graphic designer by learning how to design for my church.
  8. You meet amazing mentors that will impact your life for good. It’s one thing to have a mentor. It’s another thing to have a mentor who has a heart for God. You also can find people who are successful in your field of work in the church as well.
  9. Technology is changing how we connect and it’s amazing. To see the gospel being spread faster than ever before is transformational. Churches are streaming via Periscope, Facebook Live, and more. With access to the web, you can watch old sermons, listen to podcasts, and more!
  10. You can give back. It’s a place where you can impact others through your gifts and talents for the glory of God. To see little children singing in the kid’s choir or senior citizens partake in praise dance is just amazing. God honors every and each gift.
  11. Consistent encouragement. Every week you’re getting a teaching from church leadership about real life topics that apply. I’m not sure about anyone else’s church but this is what I experience. Our Young Adult Connect Group recently had a talk about dating and relationships. Nothing was sugarcoated.
  12. Growing up in church, it keeps you out of trouble. Well maybe not all trouble but when you have to be at the kids’ choir rehearsal at 6 PM after school, you don’t have time to get into trouble with the bad kids from P.S. 400 (I made up that name). Being involved at my local church has kept me out of more trouble than you would believe.
  13. It’s a safe haven for imperfect people. My church doesn’t judge. We love. No one is looking at you crazy. It helps to know that you can just come as you are and receive a Word from God. None of us are perfect. However, in our society, if you aren’t the “hot shot”, then your whole life is setup to be focused on becoming that. At my church, I can come in my workout clothes looking a hot mess and sit on the back seat and know that my imperfect self is loved by God and the community that I’m apart of.
  14. We help those in need. I’ll never forget when we did the Spaghetti Dinner for our church. We connected with a local non-profit and did Secret Santa for a group of families. We brought them to church and our church raised toys for a few weeks to give to their children. This was right before Christmas. God blesses our hands so that we can be a light for people who are in need. What I also love is that someone may be in need right in front of you in the next pew. I remember a few weeks ago a woman needed medicine for her daughter and the church members individually helped her. You won’t get that anywhere else.
  15. It’s always been a place to proclaim justice. The church has stood up to racism, injustice of all kinds, and is still fighting to press towards spreading the light in a dark world. Growing up, I learned that the church was apart of the civil rights movement with church buildings being used as meeting places and more.
  16. I can celebrate my heritage and my faith at the same time. I’ve learned that I can be proud of being black and having faith in Jesus Christ. What’s even more amazing is that my faith has helped me endure racism and have the courage to fight for my brothers and sisters in the mediums that my gifts allow me to. I also can celebrate my womanhood. The bible is filled with women who broke the norm and walls that was plagued by a patriarchal society.
  17. Millennials are creating amazing events for non-believers and believers to connect to. Serving God is not only fun but it’s an amazing feeling to be free and know what Grace feels and looks like. Many Christian millennials are doing concerts, events, and movements that have sparked a revival in the hearts of young people. Together 2016 was epic in Washington,DC!
  18. Churches are becoming a mixing bowl and it’s a beautiful thing. Of course due to culture, some churches have been racially divided. However, I don’t think we need to look at it as a negative thing. I think we should celebrate all churches. Whether you love Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Southern Gospel, or all, there’s a place for everyone.
  19. Leadership and Creative Programs are rising up that are helping evolve the church into a place of constant hope and inspiration.  Many churches now have online sites where they offer their sermons, graphics, and more to help churches with their creative planning. Churches are working together in this work and it makes me smile. Sites like Pro Church Tools and The Creative Pastor have helped more creatives than ever and it’s amazing to know that the church culture is alive and thriving. We’re here to stay!
  20. I’m apart of one. I pray that everyone finds an amazing home church that they grow and blossom in. Find a place you can get rooted in and become apart of. So many are like nomads moving from one place and are unstable. However, when you find a “home”, you will grow with the community and it gives back to you in so many ways. The love, the grace, and the faith that you receive back is life changing.
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