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Not ready for a coaching program but want to experience Genesis through a one-on-one session? Hear from others below what they experienced!

My coaching call was awesome being my first I was not sure what to expect. I love how she was excited and ready for our call. ( I was nervous) and the information she gave me I am already working on and putting into action. If you are thinking about having a coaching call with Genesis I highly recommend do not hesitate. You will not be disappointed. She will open your eyes and you will walk away with more clarity, knowledge, and understanding. I should have scheduled 2 for business and ministry. But I will be scheduling another soon for ministry.  Thank you so much for all you do. Truly walking in your gift.”

Charmaine Smith

The coaching session with Genesis succeeded my expectations. I got pages of notes from it. She not only helped me with my business but with my mindset and encouraged me as well. She let me know that I don’t have to rush or be so hard on myself. Building a business takes time and stacking money in my case will be necessary. She helped me to see the missing piece of the puzzle that I was missing and gave me practical ways to get the piece. She kept it real and honest which I really appreciated. She reminded me that I have to implement what I already know. Also, that I have to get out of my comfort zone because there are thousands of people I could be helping. I was refreshed and energized after our session. It was an on-time session that I am very grateful for!”

Jalisa Ray